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Any tips for getting back into a running routine after a few weeks off?

Hello everyone! I haven't posted for a while, but have been reading all of the amazing posts and accomplishments everyone has been achieving!

I was just wondering if anyone has any motivational tips to get back into the swing of things after taking a few weeks off?

I went on three 5k runs while away for Christmas and have done one 8k run yesterday, but I am finding it so hard to stay motivated. I was previously doing a run or circuit training at least 5 days a week before Christmas and I feel like it's impossible to get back up to that level. I have signed up for a 10k at the end of January to at least have something to train for, but I am wondering what else I should do.

Thanks very much, and good luck to everyone running today :)

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I'd say training for the 10k should keep you busy... What else do you want to do? Perhaps sign up for a HM later in the year?? It's good to have things to aim for to keep us going!!!

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You start where you start. Dive in with a slow 5k around your local park or somewhere pleasant, fave tunes perhaps, and enjoy. No pressure at all ☺

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1) Have you tried "Zombies Run" (it's a smartphone app)? Although the concept seems ridiculous, a lot of people find it quite immersive and it certainly livens up their running.

2) Change the time of day you run at. I struggle (mentally) to get out in the evening after work. However, if I lay my kit out the night before and set the alarm clock to go off an hour early, I can quite enjoy an early morning run before breakfast. It sets me up for the day.

3) Go to parkrun. You could even play at being a parkrun tourist and visit a different run every Saturday morning. It gives you a target to aim for.

4) Make a public commitment that you are going out for a run tomorrow. Post your intention here on the forum. That way, it's much harder to find an excuse not to go.

[I need to get out as I've ducked out of running the past 2 days because of the rain - I'll commit here and now to going for a run tomorrow. There are enough people on the forum who can see my Garmin traces. I'm sure that Poppypug will post and shame me if I haven't recorded a run by this time tomorrow night]

5) If you have a Garmin, join the NHS C25K group on Garmin Connect. There are a group of us there who support one another in a slightly less public forum than this one.


Thanks, Adam! These suggestions are great! I really like the idea of this Zombie Runs! I will definitely look into it today :)


I first came across Zombies Run when jogging alongside Regents Canal in London (was just visiting and was looking for somewhere quiet to run). I overtook another jogger and thought nothing of it until 2 minutes later she came tearing past me screaming "Move, the zombies are coming!". I had a good look round, but the zombies were definitely not coming. Some time later, I caught up with her again. She apologised and sheepishly explained that she'd been listening to the app and had gotten a little too carried away... ;)


Ha ha , love it ! :-) xxx


Ha ha Adam ! I am keeping my beady eye on you, make no mistake ! :-D I shall be looking out for your post tomorrow ;-) xxx

I agree with Adams suggestions , Sadie . I am using Zombies, Run at the moment in and amongst other things. Its brilliant ! I am not usually one for any kind of computer / X box games or anything like that , but this is so addictive . It makes me squeak with excitement , its really good !

Tonight, when I came home from work , I was tired and feeling a bit meh, so I got my gear on and did the C25K + Speed podcast. Nice and short , but I felt like I had had a good workout and felt so much better when I came back, so maybe have a go at that .

Good Luck and I hope you find something that suits you xxx

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Well, I got my run in. It was only 6K and was slow. The river has burst it's banks again so I had to keep high which means more lumpy bits (130 metres worth according Mr. Garmin). I do feel better for it, though. My excuse is that I'm supposed to be taking it easy because I've a cross country race on Sunday. However I've just heard that it's likely to be cancelled because the course will be too muddy!!! :(

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Good stuff Adam, that was taking it easy ?????

Yes, its great how a run always makes us feel better :-) xxx


1. Put your running gear on - and walk out the front door.

2. Start walking!

3. When/if you feel like it , start jogging easily

4. When/if you feel like it, start running

5 Then - and only then - if you feel like it, decide what it is you want to do for the rest of your run. :)

Repeat this as many times as necessary until you feel like you are ready to commit to continuation of your running career :)


This is a great idea, Baz! Going to give this one a try :) Thanks for your suggestions!


I'm a carrot sort of girl. I always like reaching a little further than I am capable of but found after I did my HM and 10km I was a bit "what now" I loved the buzz of going for something I hadent done. I'm not ready for a marathon but I decided to do speed work and it really has helped with my zest for getting out the door one run I just focus on speed and it really helps me get out and push myself before I didn't really understand the buzz you could get from speed work and just worked on endurance. I'm sure if you shake things up a bit you will find something that ignites that old buzz again. Happy running.

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