Surprised myself!

Surprised myself!

Went out today as the weather was great and started running in my local park round the lake. Felt so hard and even at 3k felt like going home. Determined to do a minimum of 5k which I did and then ran a bit more to 6k. The furthest I ever ran before was 7.5k, so thought I would like to beat that and when I reached 8k, thought I was so close to 10k, might as well plod on! First ever 10k done. Two rest days now maybe parkrun on Saturday if I recover. In total shock and legs feel good, very happy as I graduated from C25K 13 weeks ago, haven't been following a programme but just increasing my run times. 7.21 mins per km, took me 1 HR 15 mins. Didn't know I could run that long - happy Christmas to me (early)! Julie

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  • Well done you. You deserve a few rest days now. :-)

  • Fantastic, that's a good time too!

  • I just have a way of pacing myself by counting 1,2,3,4 and no matter what, hills, puddles I just keep going at that speed. Never out of breath really so I think it is an ok pace for my age and level of fitness, just totally blown away that I sneaked in that distance before Christmas. Was expecting to do no more than 6k today. Just resting and see how the toffee legs recover but may do a 5k parkrun on Saturday, then as usual a Monday run - fancying a 5k but trying to slightly up the speed, all thanks to C25K or I would be very fat indeed, unfit and probably on the way to a major health issue at 52, that's y I always run in my C25K t shirt, hope to encourage others to take up running. Julie

  • Yay! Joolie, well done! What a fab run, am very jealous! Have a well earned rest and a fab Christmas!🎄🏃🏻🎄

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