I've loved my trails this weekend and today saw me running at dusk ( see blog on C25k). There is something so amazing about being so close to the elements/ wilderness that is so restorative. Been thinking about life lately and I think my career needs to take a different path as I've realised the stress is not worth it.... More running, less life-limiting stress 🌏


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  • I think going for a run does free up your mind to think about things other than home/work/kids/blah blah and like you say time to take stock of what's important. I think sometimes we just get lost in the daily grind.

    If you could reduce your hours you could run more often. Now there's a thought

  • I tried...unsuccessfully. I think I need to try harder!!

  • Yes the thinking we do when we run is deep and focused. maybe the increased oxygen to the brain helps. Life is full of turning points and sometimes it is time to weigh up and decide what is important. One thing is certain and that is that we only get one chance at life so we have to make the best of the one we've got. This can mean taking a step back from a stressful job and realising that there is more to life like running in beautiful places. Where did you take the photo ? The colours are wonderfully autumnal.

  • Very wise words, thankyou... running definately has the effect on me, especially on my trail. The oic was taken near where I live in Cleeve, Bristol, its called goblin Coombe. avonwildlifetrust.org.uk/re...

    I run at the bottom where the dense trees are...

  • That does look really nice Juicyju, and now you've given it a name it's even more appealing to me :) being a nerdy LOTRO player, (don't worry about the nasty goblinsis the nice elves will take good care of them :) )

    The replies regarding running letting you think clearly, and with perspective, are so true for me too. Walking works like that for me too, but running is great.

    I am incredibly lucky in that I really love my work, but even when you enjoy your work, it is still important I think, to ballance it with other things. I spend most of my work time at a desk in front of a PC, and I know that this is not very healthy, so it's important to get out there and enjoy some exercise. Running is perfect for that.

    It's interesting how different environments effect our capacity to think clearly and with perspective. For me running and walking along the river bank or in the forest are the best, and the worst is lying in bed unable to sleep!

    I particularly like runs in damp drizzly weather. I think that might be due to the increased solitude (most sensible folk stay indoors ;) )

  • I know just what you mean. I sold my shares in my business nearly 10 years, I couldnt stand sat on the motorways any longer, I would have been like Michael Douglas in the film falling down. I earn nowhere near what I did and don't care. I'd rather run/walk or cycle now than drive and I'm happier wandering around the moorlands than ever sat in a metal box on a road. There are just too many people on a little island for my liking. Well done anyway.

  • wow that is really brave, and i bet youve never looked back... I so agree, I hate driving which is why i changed from my last job.

  • 6 years ago I sat in a meeting at work and at the end of it I walked down the road to Leeds city centre, went into the travel agent and bought an open return ticket to Australia. That meeting was such a complete waste of time I decided I would not do it anymore. A couple of months later I had rented my house out and I was doing voluntary conservation work in Thailand then went on to Australia where I travelled extensively. 6 months later I came back, decided that 10 years of living in Yorkshire was enough so moved back South to Kent. Now I earn much less money, live in a much smaller house BUT no more crappy meetings, less stress & a much improved quality of life!! Sometimes it was tough but I haven't regretted it once or wished I still lived in Yorkshire. Making changes is difficult but so worth it!

  • wow...thats such a fantastic story. I would so love to do that but I have two kids... 10 and 14...... but I can still make changes for the better... Thankyou so much for sharing..

  • Wonderful story, so pleased that it worked out for you. I can cetainly understand your preference for your new life. I've been incredibly lucky, I've never planned my life, things have just led me in directions I could never have anticipated. I left school expecting to work in some menial job in a local factory for the rest of my life. As it turned out, I had several career changes, a first class degree, eventually moved to france, lived neer Paris, and now on the banks of the Loire. But it's all just happened to me through following the opportunities that came my way, and trying to do my best at whatever my job was at the time.

    So, anyone who throws in a succesful career, and plans a new life, and just goes for it, that impresses me a lot. I've never yet needed the courage to do that, options have just turned up at the right time.

    It's true, you only get one shot at life, and then worm food. So definately carrying on doing something you hate is best avoided if you possibly can.

  • Beautiful pic jj

    Good luck with whatever comes your way

  • Thankyou :)

  • Gorgeous photo JJ and yes go for change. Life is too short to do anything but be happy. I ignored the signals from being stressed at work and ended up burning out and at the doctors and was then forced to make big changes for the sake of my health. But you know what, in hindsight, it was the best thing that ever happened and I should have done it earlier. So I'm passing on my wisdom to you (I'm older!). Be happy honey. x

  • Wow... all of you have really inspirational stories.... often its those things we have no control over that force us to make changes... and for you it was for the better?? I hope your health is all OK now??

  • All fab now thanks JJ. When I look back it was obvious what I should have done but when you're in the middle of it it's hard to make those big decisions but really what's the worst that can happen? I wish I had trusted my instinct more. I hope it all works out for you. x

  • "Hear hear" to that!

  • Yup - thats why i love to run gets the inportant stuff sorted out - good luck JJ career change is scary but worth it xx

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