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Two sub-30min 5Ks

Feeling rather elated at the moment! On Tuesday I achieved a PB of 28:50, setting out with the mindset that I would just go for it. Spurred on my Queen and King's of Leon the first few kms were at a ridiculous pace (for me) but then I hit a bit of a wall coming up to 4k and I really had to push myself to even finish the 5k. I definitely felt the increased effort yesterday as I had my first bit of DOMS since I started running in September.

This morning though it was gone so I went out again with the goal of trying to do as close to 30mins as possible - i.e. trying to exercise a bit of self-control for a change! Did 29:52 and managed the final km quicker than the 2nd (the 1st was the fastest as it was mostly downhill).

Another 7km on Saturday... hopefully with new shoes!


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Sounds like two good runs.

A controlled pace can be as difficult (well, _nearly_ as difficult) as a fast one, so you did well to pace yourself. It's an important skill as your range of distances increases. Setting out for a HM at your usual 5k pace (or whatever) is a recipe for trouble. For me at least.



I hope the new shoes are fab and your 7k went well...and huge well done on your sub 30 5k's thats no mean feat.....

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Thanks,,, I'm doing the 7k tomorrow though. Weather forecast suggested it would be a better idea on Sunday than Saturday.

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excellent...you will run strong for having the rest...


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