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Foot injury update 3

I ran!!!! It was only 3Km, and at a very easy pace, but I ran! I paid a great deal of attention to not stressing the tendon, and although I can feel a little tightness/tenderness, it didn't hurt, and it seems to have got through the run without any ill effects.

I plan to rest it now, perhaps go to the gym tomorrow, and if it looks ok, I'll do Parkrun on Saturday. The club usually organises a longish run on Sunday mornings, so I might also tag along with that.

QE Olympic Park 10K in 10 days! I suspect that will be a matter of enjoying the occasion rather than going for a PB.

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Good news

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Great news Steve :) I was worried you might be unable to run for weeks or months.


I think I got it treated fairly early, before too much damage was caused.


That's great news (though I would be very tempted to just enjoy your 10K, rather than pushing for a PB - after all, what's running for if you can't enjoy it?)


Thanks, Adam. Unless I feel particularly good on the day, I'll just be seeking to just enjoy it. I've a feeling it would be difficult to be in perfect shape for it, as the logistics of getting to the start line are quite challenging!


Woop! It's all looking good! Don't feel you cried wolf though - it was serious enough to make you stop running so this was definitely an injury even if caught early. Personally I'm terrified of getting injured and am very cautious for that reason. As a result of your experience I've made sure I definitely include heel drops in my warm-down/stretch routine now - whereas they were more occasional before. Be careful and ease in sensibly, and good luck for your 10k in 10 days :)


That's great news Steve. Enjoy that race and no speedy legs from you!


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