update to my earlier post of 1st 10k race

Well I did it in a time 52:36 on what has to be the toughest course I have to date ever ran on. It started with 205ft climb that felt like it went on and on, then into wooded land, up goodness knows how many steps to a monument then back down. I run a tough park run which is more like a fell run, so it was good training for this.

I finished 56 out of a field of varying ages and ability of 91, so I am reasonably happy with it, but never have I ran such a challenging course, to put it into perspective a 15 lad won it in 35:40, what a future he should have in front of him!

And to think in November last year I couldn't run 800 yds without stopping for a walk.

Now for a Guinness oops

Keep going everyone, don't look back

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  • Well done Mr B , that is a fantastic time

    You certainly deserve a pint or two after that ! Sounds hardcore and not one for the faint hearted !

    Excellent job ! :-) xxx

  • That is an amazing time!!! With that hill that is incredible!!! I have also read your other post, you have done amazingly well in a space of year!! Enjoy that pint as you deserve it!! Many congratulations once again and sure your story will inspire others!!

  • Well done HB!

    Ahh yes! Got to be done! A celebratory Guinness!

  • Well done, Ian. I was dead chuffed at scraping under 60 minutes on a dead flat road course a few weeks ago - that is a fantastic time you've turned in there. Well done!

  • Well done! I have done off road races with tough hills at the beginning and I know how hard it makes the whole event. You have done great though - excellent time!!

  • Fantastic result, well done.

  • Well done! What a fab time for what sounds like a really tough course.😀

  • Wow!! Just Wow!!

    Fantastic time for a flat 10k, never mind one so super challenging. Congratulations, you Guiness is very well deserved 🏆

  • Well done!

    Superb time, and on a difficult sounding course.

    You certainly deserved that drink!


  • Great result! Def deserves a guinness :) Really well done!

  • That is an amazing time, well done you. I can only dream of such times!!! Congrats and what amazing progress....

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