Confessions of a slow runner

Confessions of a slow runner

I realize that the title might be misleading, I'm really more of a jogger. I am approaching the one year anniversary since starting the couch to 5K program. So I decided to push myself a little and began the bridge to 10k program. As I have said, I'm a bit slow. My average speed is about 8 minutes and 46 seconds per km (or 14 minutes and 6 seconds per mile). I can run a 5K in about 45 minutes (maybe less), but I have never run a 5K in under 40 minutes. Today's run in the program was supposed to be a 30 minute steady run, but as we've already discussed my running speed is more of a jog. Therefore, I decided to try to push my speed for the first 800 m or so. For the first 800 m (0.5 mile), my average speed was around 7 minutes per km (11 minutes 30 seconds per mile). Then I had to slow down and I also walked about 5 minutes of the remaining run. Despite the walking, my overall average speed for this run was 8 minutes and 18 seconds per km (13 minutes 22 seconds per mile), a speed that was about 28 seconds off my usual average speed for the distance that I ran. I covered a total of 3.62 km (2.25 miles). I guess it isn't too bad for a starting point. I am pleasantly tired now. My next goal is 2-pronged: I want to extend the distance that I can run at that faster pace, and I don't want to walk any portion at all. I will keep trying to extend the amount of time I run faster and we'll see what happens then! Here we go again. Woo hoo!

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  • That's the way to do it, slowly and gradually. But I would say that you're running so you're a runner and it matters not one jot what speed you run. None of us are faster than Mo 🏃. You've continued your running for a year and isn't that just spectacular?

    And that's a gorgeous picture there.

  • I am proud that I stuck with it! I bought some new gear to celebrate. Thank you for the encouragement.

  • It's the rule here. New gear for your anniversary 🤗

  • Well done RFB !

    Approaching your 1st year Runniversary is a fantastic achievement indeed . You are doing brilliantly . Its always nice to improve on speed and distance if that's what you want to do, but no matter how fast or how "slow " youre going, youre still a runner !

    Good Luck in your quest and you really do take some lovely photos ! :-) xxx

  • Awww thanks Poppy! I just bought new gear and can't wait to try it out. Hooray!

  • I found the best way to speed up was to run with others, I like parkrun for that reason. The more you run you naturally get faster, however there is nothing wrong with being slow, slow is awesome ;) you are a runner, speed doesn't matter getting out there does

  • Thanks! We don't have park runs here and so it can be a bit difficult to find others to run with. I also kind of like my solo running time. I'll think about doing a 5 or 10k soon though.

  • Hey, if your a jogger then I am a jogger but I prefer to call myself a runner. 😃. My body thinks I'm running at that pace and it likes to be treated like a runner. I know it's just a name, but on a serious note your doing great and I wouldnt minimise what your body is doing especially as you increase distance with speed. All the rules about increasing are just as important when working with speed as your body is being pushed a little harder. Good luck with the plan and happy running.

  • Thank you very much! I am following the plan (mostly) and also taking a rest day in between runs. Hopefully that's good enough. We'll see. 😃

  • I agree with the above, definitely a runner! And the fact that you've stuck with running for a year makes it even more so. I love hearing about people who started on c25k and are still going years later, it gives me hope. And all the pictures of people who've been running for ages are lean, mean, fit and fantastic!

  • Thanks! Yes, I am definitely hoping for the lean, mean, fit, and fantastic!

  • I can't find any formal distinction between 'runner' and 'jogger'. The best I have found is that 'snobby runners refer to slower running as jogging' :-).

    Well done, great progress.

  • Thanks. I'm pleased with the time I managed to knock off. I'll definitely keep trying to push it.

  • Your times are very like mine. I went out running with my brother this week and he is faster. He forced me to 12:40 per mile! Unheard of, maybe I don't run hard enough? Some days it feels easier than others though. I'm 61 so I listen to my body. I agree with all the other comments though. Slow or fast we are all runners and we are out there doing something for our health and fitness.

  • That is very true! At least we are running. Thanks!

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