About to commit heresy!!

I am about to commit heresy!!! I know that they say you should not do things/wear things/etc in a race that you have not trained with --- BUT for my HM on Sunday, I am going to abandon my phone which I have been using to beep 60/30 intervals to me on my long runs - and I am going to run NAKED!! :) I tried it once over 5 k this week as I have been tapering - I just run for as long as I feel like it (hills, etc) and then walk for 60 paces ( which I roughly count as I walk) . 60 paces equates to around 30 seconds at walking pace for me - and I generally run for around 150 to 200 yards . It is really a bit "fartlek-y", where you run for differing times at different paces, including walking. All in all, it will be very similar to my Galloway run/walk training - but I think it may be just a little more "responsive" to the conditions on the day . The HM will be run at a parkrun site on a narrowish concrete path - with around 150 other runners - I know what I can and can't do, so I will be going out VERY slowly for the first 5k or so . I was starting to dread it last week - but now , with my new walking "style" and my "fartlekking", I am looking forward to it

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  • Good luck, Bazza. Looking forward to hearing how it goes!

  • You are so ready....all your prep will pay off and I completely agree that starting off slowly is the best way, then you can always speed up after 10k if everything is oiled and running smoothly ( as it were...)

  • Sounds like a good plan Bazza. You're experienced enough to know what feels right for your body. Go for it, and good luck!

  • Good luck this weekend :)

  • Good luck Bazza, although you don't need it...you'll smash it, looking forward to reading how it goes - and seeing the bling xx

  • Sounds good; I hope all goes well and you have a great time!

  • Good luck Bazza. Let us know how it goes.

  • Good Luck Bazza, not sure about the time difference between here and Aus, so you might be doing it now as we " speak "

    Exciting stuff ! :-) xxx

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