Counting is helping me right now

Counting is helping me right now

I had lost some stamina and had calf pains recently but I am feeling stronger and fitter. I have kept in walk breaks and limiting myself to 5k. I walk for 100 double paces, then run for 100 double paces. Then I repeat for the run. If I feel strong after 100, I run to 150, 200 or keep going til I need to walk but the minimum is 100! Counting blocks out the negative thoughts and I use my fingers for each set of 10, makes it fun and 100 comes along quickly. I have noticed my running pace is great too. This is really breaking the time down and I am hoping to do more running, much less walking and get back to my 5k non stop runs very soon. Will do a long Monday walk run too. Feeling positive and impressed I ran at 6 am before my busy day

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  • So glad the calf pains are resolving but you take it easy lady! Sleep is very importnat too!

    ps: do you need my address for sending the cookies? :-)

  • Baking and running, all before 6am! I'm feeling tired just thinking about it! Well done on your persistence, glad you've found a method that seems to work for you. You'll get back there, this is just a blip!

  • 4 pm, feeling it now, about to have a nap

  • Ha ha JoolieB1 a nap in the day is now called triathlon training in my house!!

  • I'm impressed you ran at 6am before any day! I'm also impressed that you count, because I would get muddled very easily :D All the best with getting back to non-stop 5k.

  • I count to ten, that's my thumb, another ten, first finger and work my way round to the small finger on my left hand! Even I can manage to run and count to ten! It is a distraction, a goal I can increase and makes the run go very quickly. I could just listen to music and stop and start as I go but this works for me. I can see if I am improving.

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