Does anyone have a list of (roughly) 10k run routes?

One thing that would be great would be a list of routes/maps for 10k runners, somewhere nice and natural would be really good.

I'm sure there are probably apps or online resources for it, but I thought I would ask here first...


I'm going to collate a list of the suggestions here -


Goodrunguide (Gold Award routes on there)


New Route

Suggestions for running places in London:


Olympic Park

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  • Thanks, I live in London, but if I ever visit Lancashire I'll have a run in the Lune. Is the name something to do with the moon?

  • There are loads of 10k routes and the list of the Gold Award ones is on the Goodrunguide. It might well be somewhere else too but that's where I found it. I was looking for a 10k route in Bamburgh and the one which came up just happened to be a Gold Award one because of it's beautiful views

  • Thanks, I'll have a look through there. It'd be nice to have a run in a pleasant place, rather than through the grimy streets of east london.

  • It makes sense though to run in your area. You say it's grimy but it probably has some good bits to run in. You can find details of your nearest runs on Mapymyrun or Goodrunguide. You can just pop your postcode in and up they come. You are bound to have loads of runners near you and they have probably posted details of them on there. I have some grotty bits to run in but I don't have to run too far to find some good bits. I get in the car sometimes to find new trails. A new route gives your runs a bit of a boost

  • I would also recommend Mapmyrun!

  • I recommend you go look for your nearest canal, they often feel like the countryside, even in the city. I ran a few in London in the west when I was training for my first marathon :-) after I completed C25k

  • Yeah, I can just imagine what it would be like in the morning though, knowing London there'd probably be a queue (sorry, I'm still getting over the nightmare that was commuting in this morning).

  • Your first marathon - how many have you done now Phil? I think you were heading to the first last I heard!!

  • I've done one, but I've trained for three, but my bloody knee means I pulled out on the last two. Now trying other things to build up my core so that I can improve my form, well that's the plan :-)

  • Well done. Sorry to hear your knee is troublesome but to me who is unlikely to ever do a half marathon even your training impresses me. Good luck. Linda

  • I use an app called new route and map mine out before I go out. I tend to use circular runs so I can loop back home. I keep saying I need to be more adventurous and do a bit of running tourism but I mostly rely on public transport and I'm not a big fan of sitting in the bus sweating on my way home.

  • New route sounds really nice. Imagine an app that gave you a different route in your area every time that you ran. That way you might get to see places that you wouldn't normally see. That's what I imagined when I heard that name anyway...

  • Are you near the Olympic Park? It's a bit of a buzz and there is the water.

  • I'm within running distance of the olympic park, but by the time I run there and back I'll probably have done 10k anyway....

  • Problem I have to with the nicer local runs - gives you something to aim for I suppose.

  • Whenever I used to go to new places I am always looking for a new route!!! I found endomondo had some good ones. For example I love staying with my sister in Truro and I found a 10k in endomondo. I have to say it's my ultimate 10k... All trail, hills, and a good circuit... It remains my favourite run, I even did it Christmas Day!!!!

  • Best thing to do is to use mapometer to create your own route :-)

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