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chemotherapy cost

what is the approx cost of per dose of docetaxel and emdoxan+adriamycin+emset.

this is regarding my mother who has been diagnosed with the stage 2 breast cancer.

she went through the mastectomy with removal of all lymph nodes.

any suggestions reagrding this will be vesy helpful. thanx

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Cost of chemo varies over various factors. Some generic versions may be very cheap, Indian brands may be not so cheap and original molecule may be costlier. Varies from hospital to hospital as well. Also, along with chemo drugs, the chemo administration charge, the doctor’s charge and other things also vary. Hence, not possible to give an average cost as the range is so huge. From barely several thousand to more than 40k, even for drugs mentioned above. It’s best to ask your Oncologist, all the options and he will guide you.


one more thing, can chemo be avoided

accordings to results



HER-2/neu- negative


3 out of 17 lymph nodes removed were positive

tumar size- 1.8*1.5 *1.2 cm


Since nodes were positive, chemo should be given.


thanks and one more thing is that the drugs for chemo which i mentioned are they standard ones ? or should i get a second opinion with other medical oncologist.


They are fine. Just go ahead and follow your Oncologist.


Thank you

Is there any difference in having docetaxel on weekly basis to the 3 weeks gap.


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