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Doctor or hospital ? (during chemotherapy)

Dear all,

My mother has to undergo adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer. We are planning to take treatment from Fortis Memorial Research Institute -- FMRI Gurgaon.

The treatment will be under Dr. Vinod Raina sir. (I think everybody knows him in the field of medical oncology- he is quite famous and well reputed in delhi circle).

Some reviews about FMRI Gurgaon are negative as per internet search (regarding nursing staff). I am afraid of secondary infections / other complications due to poor nursing staff.

There are other much more reputed hospitals for cancer treatment in Delhi

I am confused -- what to choose -- a reputed doctor or a reputed hospital ? How is the reputation of FMRI GURGAON ?

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I am also having chemotherapy for breast cancer. I faced same situation. Don't trust on Internet review. Some people may have issue with staff. I take my treatment in Hinduja hospital at Mumbai.

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The staff is also equally important. Don't only go for big hospitals. My sister had severe problems while giving chemo thro' veins. Though the Doctor & Hospital was very reputed - the staff was careless.


Thank you so much kontak and paragdoshi. .... We have started treatment at FMRI Gurgaon. ...


I found FMRI nursing staff to be very good....

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hello, could you kindly post how was your sisters "after chemo" recovery , im searching posts of "after chemo" recovery so we can plan for my mother who is expected to start chemo very soon.


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