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Diet during chemotherapy for BC

hello doctors/experts,

my mother is expected to start chemo process from late next week. Its stage two triple negative BC. lymph node positive..

just preparing for diet plan to follow during chemotherapy..

i read in internet (US cancer authorized websites) that say to restrict raw nuts and raw fruits during chemo (like apple which we eat raw after cleaning)

can you folks please advise if raw nuts and raw fruits like apple,grapes should be avoided during chemo or we can go ahead

thanks a lot....

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What you are thinking of is called a neutropenic diet or bacteria free diet. It is important if your mother's neutrophils (infection fighters) drop. It basically involves careful feel preparation, making sure that all foods are well cooked, not raw, avoiding salads and soft cheeses (because of the mold), no yogurt because of the probiotics, and only eating fruits with thick skins - oranges or bananas for example - which can be well washed first. Ask your mother's doctor whether he has a sheet explaining it and if he will discuss at what point your mother needs to follow a special diet. If not you will find it described on line.


If no yogurt then can we go with curd, not sure if both are same..

thanks a lot for your input....


Any dairy product should be pasteurized. This diet is specifically for those who's neutrophils have dropped to the point of infection potentially becoming an issue.

Grapefruit, Seville oranges (bitter oranges used to make marmelade) pomelos, star fruit, and pomegranate often interfere with chemo. Ask your doctor about those.


I found raw fruit and nuts fine but grapefruit definently not and healthy smoothies good but found each cycle day 4-7 I had terrible diarrhoea so avoid raw fruit and veg and smoothies then

I bought a chemo recipe book which was very good great tips

Beetroot and advocado good with immune system and antinflammatory hope all goes well Rick off each chemo and know a few days each cycle will be hard I saw the dirrhoea as the chemo leaving my body nd I would then have two weeks normal life before next cycle xx


thanks for the input... im also collecting points and recipes to form an ebook to follow... do you have any other tips? thanks again


You can also go through this post written by pkenn. It will be helpful to you.


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Thanks a lot sir... i will do it now.


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