Swelling after chemotherapy.

Swelling after chemotherapy.

Hi , my mom undergo surgery (mrm) in right breast. N she is having huge swelling in right hand after chemo. 4 cycle of chemo has done.doc told this is normal . Swelling is still there. It reduced for some time if exercise is done. Is this normal or something we need to ask doctor immediately.

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  • Was she given chemo on the same side of surgery? I mean, she was operated for Right MRM and chemo was also administered from right hand?

  • No she has chemo port on left side. 20 lymph node has been removed during mrm.

  • Hi,

    This is common if the nodes are removed. One should not pick heavy weight from this hand. Not more than 1.5-2 kgs. Consult the doctor as she might be needing physiotherapy and there is a special arm cover made to help it from swelling further. This happens as the liquid flow is only downwards so one needs to know the exercises to make the reverse flow...

    Don't worry just consult your doctor so it doesn't worsen...

    God bless

    Harpreet Singh(Harry)

  • Thanks harpreet.

  • The swelling is not because of chemotherapy but because of the surgery and subsequent removal of lymph nodes from the right side. While it is a normal Condition,in the long term it can prove to be harmful.

    You should consult a doctor who will recommend physiotherapy. Also to control the swelling please be advised to drink lots of water and wear a compression bandage on the right arm.

  • Thanx rohan. Yes 20 lymph nodes has been removed.any specific treatment for same ? Please suggest. My doc in Mumbai told it is normal.

  • It is normal for the doctors but can be troubling for the patient. Only treatment is a physiotherapy session to control the swelling plus the patient can wear a compression bandage on the right arm to control swelling

  • Compression bandage is treatment for this .Consult the doctor and ask any treatment required.The arm is at risk of infections if swells further.

  • Lymphedema is common when nodes have been removed. She needs to ask her doctor where she can be fitted for a "sleeve" - a compression device developed specifically for this issue. If that is not an option where she is then she should ask about the proper way to wrap a compression bandage to help control the swelling and discomfort. My cousin had a particularly bad time with Lymphedema and found that physical therapy was very helpful.

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