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Pain & Heaviness in Right Breast

Pain & Heaviness in Right Breast

Dear Sir,

My wife is a Cancer Survivor.She has been diagnosed for Invasive Lobular Carcinoma in left breast in December 2015. After mastectomy, on the basis of biopsy of operated part of breast, it was found that her cancer is in 2B or 2C stage. ER/PR was negative & HER2 was positive. Tumor grade 2 & infilteration 40%.

Standard chemotherapy regimen as per treating medical oncologist followed( First : 3 weekly EC - 4 cycles, Second : Weekly -Paclitaxel+Herclon 12 cycles, then maintenance dose of Herclon- 3 weekly cycles given for 9 months(Completed in April 2017)

25 fractions Radiotherapy done in July-August 2016 by Linear after completion of second phase of chemotherapy

Although, she had suffered by serious infection 2 times during her chemotherapy but successfully overcome. After completion of total treatment, her condition was found excellent.

Then, 1 month after completion of last chemotherapy (maintenance Trastuzumab), in her follow-checkups was done & no any spots/stains was found in the PET Scan(May 2017)

Recently, in 2nd follow-up checkups on 8th August 2017, no any abnormality found in checkups(Chest X-ray done only).

Now, since 8-10 days, she feels pain & heaviness in her righi breast. Mammograms of right breast has been found clear. General physician has observed & given only Vitamin E tablet,but no improvement found.

You are requested to advice.

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Dear Shashishankar,

very thoroughly described summary of your wifes history. She has been offered excellent treatment at par as per international standard. Lobular cancers are known to have bilateral incidence of breast cancer in upto 1/3rd of patients , so one should be on high vigilance for sure and your doctors have taken necessary measures to investigate by PET CT scan and Mammogram which looks all clear.

Current strategies we would ideally use is Analgesics: Paracetamol, or Tramadol or NSAIDs like Diclofenac or Ibuprofen to keep her symptom free. Clinical follow up every 3 months and if pain still persists, repeat imaging studies can be done. I m unsure of the role of Vitamin E in this setting, perhaps its been used here as a Placebo.

Best wishes to you and your beloved wife


Thanks Sir for quick reply.Really say, you Hon. doctors of this forum are like as our guardian & family members. I have taken your guidence many times during my wife's treatment journey & each & every time you have guided me to fight & overcome the situation.

Thanks once again Sir.


Shashi Shekhar Mishra


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