Pain in muscles post breast cancer treatment.

In 2014, my mother was detected with breast cancer in her right breast. She was operated an given chemotherapy and radiotherapy. After the treatment was over she was declared fit and often called for check ups every two months. In Dec 2016 she again detected with some lipoma kind of thing inside the treated area for which she was again operated and reports showed that it was not cancerous. Recently, she started feeling pain in her muscles specially arms and below the thighs. She is also experiencing night sweats. Treatments are not helping at all. The pain is worsening and now extended to the back. Kindly tell me if any body felt the same and what treatment helped.

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  • Dear Kcsumman

    I am assuming you are on Aromatase inhibitor drugs like Letrozole and Anastrozole

    and your Oncologist might counselled you about the side-effects of these medications.

    If not, consult your doctor or a rheumatologist to get to a diagnosis and get symptomatic treatment.

  • Thank u sir.

  • hi Kcsumman, could you also kindly update this post may be a month later, on how the treatment goes for your mom? it would help me and others in the forum... thanks a lot and praying for your mother so she gets to normal quickly...

  • Thank u sir.. I will definitely update about it.

  • Hi

    How is her movement? She should see a pain specialist or get someone to come home for physical rehab. You can get in touch with us. we can look into the case and arrange it for you.

  • Thank u sir.

    She is feeling a bit easy now. Diagnosis are presently going on at MH Chd.

    Thanks for the support

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