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Need help.. Breast cancer with bone.metastasis

I my sister.. Last year she has diagnosed with state 4 breast cancer with bone metastasis..8 chemotherapy has already given to on harmone therapy.

She is only age of 35 nd blessed with

plzzzzzzzzzzzz help any other thing which can be done in her case..any best doctor? Plz suggest..

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I am sorry to hear about your sister. I know the word cancer is very scary itself. But don't worry with great medical team and positive support form her family and friends, she will fight this beast. Keep her spirit up. Please please make sure don't give her any meds or herbs unless approved by doctors, Because I am sure so many people will come and give you things to do or eat which they will claim help her.


Thanks a lot...she.really needs.blessings and best treatment.


Hi very sorry to hear for your sister. Give her moral support and best care - this will help a lot to her. Give her the best you can as this is the only time we have to be with her


We do pray for her. My suggestion will be to discuss with your Oncologist in detail and see all possible options that are available and decide and give appropriate treatment.


ThAnks a.lot


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