Triple Negative Breast Cancer

I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in Jan 2016. Went through 6 cycles of chemo, radiotherapy and a mastectomy surgery. All went well and treatment was over in September 2016. I feel bloated though there is no swelling and i have recently started having blurry vision which doesn't last long. Is there something to worry about?

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  • I too had blurred vision halfway through my chemo (also triple neg, mastectomy, radiation, chemo ), though maybe that could be due to being told i had a macular 'hole', and had to undergo eye surgery. But I have heard that chemo affects one's eyes. I hope docs on this site can explain if that is so.


  • Certainly something to have checked. You will sleep better having more information.

  • It is always advisable to take a Medical opinion. For blurry vision, please visit an ophthalmologist.

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