Looking for Clinical Trials for Metastatic Triple negative breast cancer


I am looking to get my sister,34, enrolled for MTNBC clinical trial. Can someone please help me where its being done please.

Thank you

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  • Are you looking for a specific study? If you go to clinicaltrials.gov and type in Metastatic triple negative breast cancer, then modify the search to intervention and recruiting there are many trials listed. If you further modify the search by country (bottom of the page to modify the search) there is one study that comes up in India. I am not a medical person, so I am not in a position to advise you about this study vs traditional treatment, but it would be worth your sister talking to her doctor if the location is doable.


  • Hi Pat,

    Thank you so much for this information. Will certainly make use if this and look through

    Thank you


  • The right person to help you with clinical trials is your Medical Oncologist. Ask them, where can you locate clinical trials going on in your city's vicinity and they would know it.

  • Hi Sumeet

    Well done that too, no where in India as such. And getting enrolled in us is not that easy as we are shot of time and the trials we are looking for have stopped enrollment in the second phase. The third phase trial will be there with in Six months. Still trying.

    Thank you so much

    God bless


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