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Triple negative and BRCA1 positive



I am 42 year triple negative and BRCA1 positive. My tumor was 1.9 cm and 1 node involved. I don't have any close family members with known history of breast cancer. Genetic councelor suggested bilateral mastectomy and salpingo oophrectomy. Can anyone suggest which hospital best in India for my situation or any specialist name? I need a good opinion before doing this preventative surgery. I am specially worried about ovary removal as there would be lots of side effects. I know this preventative surgery is worldwide practice, but this genetics things works same way all over the world ? Is there any difference or any pattern for indian subcontinent people?

Dr Sumeet, if you see my post, a reply would be appriciated. Thanks.

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I would not want to comment on the preventive mastectomy part, as lot of counseling is first needed, to decide the options. And it is individualized. Oopherectomy can be done by laparoscopy. As for your worry of side effects, don’t worry at all, most women barely even have any side effects of same. If you do opt for preventive mastectomy, it has to be done by a good team which includes the Surgical Oncologist and and excellent cosmetic surgery team who can do world class reconstruction. Some of these surgeries can last as long as 4 to 5 hours for one side. You can ask your Oncologist to guide you more on good institutes with good teams, in the city you stay.

There is definitely a different approach in India. Preventive mastectomy is not a one and only options. There are other options like routine surveillance, Raloxifene etc. a lot of factors are considered before a preventive mastectomy is advised. Discussing all this is absolutely and completely beyond the scope of this forum. For that, you can meet your counselor and your Oncologist and understand it better.

Arumana in reply to sumeet_shah

Thanks for your reply Dr . I am so scared about getting another cancer ...not thinking about survelence and decided about mastectomy. Though these preventative treatment are not foolproof, still taking these options. Hoping for the best.

Dear Arumana,

I too underwent oopherectomy at the age of 39 years, because of ER PR +ve

Now I am 42 years, our survival is important. I do struggle with insomnia, hot flashes, .....let us face side effects and be there for our family

But overall quality of life satisfactory

Arumana in reply to trpl

Thanks for your reply. Yes our survival is important. I have small children, I want to be there for them. For that I am willing to do anything. It's been a tough year for me and my family. I am just counting days when can I go back to normal life!

trpl in reply to Arumana

Heads up Arumana

You will be normal once the treatment is over

Now I feel very normal, my stamina normal, look normal, people can't believe if I tell them that I had cancer

It would be over soon like a bad dream 👍👍👍👍👍👍

Arumana in reply to trpl

Thanks for your positive words. :-)

trpl in reply to Arumana

Please feel free to call me to share your burdens, fears .....

I did that , got support from others


Arumana in reply to trpl

Hi trpl,

Thanks for your number. Are you from India ? I am not from India, so not convenient for me to call you. It's very sweet of you to offer me that. You are so kind. I will keep in touch. Take care.

Yes she is awesome. She supported me throughout my journey.

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