stage 4. metastatis to the thigh bone

hi ,

I am from bangalore. My MIL is suffering from cancer. She is diagnosed of stage 4 breast cancer in November. This was diagnosed when she got a left thigh bone fracture. We immediately got PET scan done. From PET scan, it seems that the cancer has spread to thigh bones and shoulders (right and left).

Doctors have prescribed hormonal therapy. She is taking hormone therapy injection once a month. Doctor has asked us to wait till April to know if the hormone therapy is working or not. Wanted to know if this is the right line of treatment and how long does she have for herself?

is it correct to go for radiation therapy and/or chemo after this?



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  • Very difficult to judge, as practically there is very little information available.

    Is this breast cancer, how do we know that

    Is this Biopsy confirmed

    Have ER/PR/ her 2 receptors done.

    What's the nature of spread of her heavy is metastatic disease burden.

    What hormone therapy and what hormone injection are u talking about.

  • There are markers in CTCs that predict bone metastases in breast carcinoma cases.

    MolClinOncol. 2013 Nov

    Gene expression markers in circulating tumor cells may predict bone metastasis and response to hormonal treatment in breast cancer.

    Wang H, Molina J, Jiang J, Ferber M, Pruthi S, Jatkoe T, Derecho C, Rajpurohit Y, Zheng J, Wang Y.

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