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@ Dr Available. ...TNBC, stage 3a. Age 30

Hello Dr,

My wife has been diagnosed with TNBC stage 3a this Jan'16. She is getting her treatment done at AIIMS.

Our onco decided to have a neoadjuvant chemo with Docetaxel, epirubicin and endoxan. They call it Nact regime.

Her reports including PET shows localised disease with a 5 cm tumor IDC. Though Mri showed some sign in one of the nodes.....i think thats why Dr staged it at 3a.

Want to check on suggested regime and should I take a 2nd opinion from another onco?

Will appreciate ur help.


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I think it's a reasonable regime which has 25% chance of complete Pathological response and over 70% response rates.

The usually more frequently practised regimens are TAC where Docetaxel, Doxorubicin and Endoxan are used.

But there is evidence to back up the regime your Oncologist has chosen for you.


PS: These regimens are highly myelosupprssive, and they mandate use of Growth Factors which i m sure your Oncologist will use.

All the Best

Dr Rohit Malde


Thank you so much for ur rply.

For Myelosuppresion. I think they have prescribed peg GCFS to us (1after evry cycle)....plz correct n suggest in case I am wrong.

I dont want to doubt my onco but want to be sure that the regime they are using is the best option that we have being Triple negative leaves us with less options. I'll try to look for more studies comparing TEC with othr available options like TAC etc.....any help would add value.



Anthracycline + Taxane (TAC or TEC) is one of the strongest chemotherapy regimen .... Its tough to tolerate it

Peg GCF is the Growth factor for myelosuppression.

Place your energy in supporting and see your wife get through this tough chemotherapy.


Thanks Dr


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