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Right & leg swolling

My mom completed 5 nos radiation out of 19. Now problem is that right arm and leg swolling .dr advice for conact with ph.therapy for arm and he suggest for exercise and covered the hand with bandages. My onco surgent suggest for leg swolling to booked a general phygician. But dr confused how to swolling.he give some blood test. Medicine & thyroid and bp continue runninhg. Onco dr said lymphydia ii and suggest for dexa scan. pls suggest.

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Lets wait for Dr Sumeet to reply


My moms report.

CA Right breast.

Post BCS and SLNB-pT2N1Mi----AC on 12/11/2014.- 0/18

Tumor size – 3 cm.Grade 3, 1 node (micrometastases).

ER: Strong Positive in 90% tumour cells(allred score 8)

Pgr: Strong Positive in 90% tumour cells(allred score 8)




For the arm swelling, the treatment is correct. Smiley ball exercises, milking exercises and other forms of exercises help. If swelling is much, we recommend elastic bandages as well. So what your Oncologist has advised is perfectly right.

As for the leg swelling, that is not related to breast cancer surgery at all. Leg swelling can be due to many causes, including low Hemoglobin, low proteins, high blood pressure, thyroid hormone changes, and so many other causes; and a good Physician is the right person to investigate the cause of swelling. Occasionally, leg swelling can be due to steroids as well, which hare given along with chemotherapy.

Dexa scan has no relation to this swelling and it is done to see the bone health of your mother. Your Oncologist must be planning to start her on Hormone Therapy (as she is ER Positive). Before starting on Hormone tablets like Letrozole or Anastrozole, we check the bone health. That's why he must have told Dexa Scan.


Sir Thank your very much for your valuable reply. Our oncologist advice to take Letrozole for HT after radiotherapy. we have seen that price of Letrozole is Cipla rs 6 each,sunfarma rs 34 each & novartis rs 217 each in kolkata. we are confused, please suggeest which will be better. Our dr.says any one you can take and he cant say anything about companies. Ear


we are unable to take herceptin with chemo


Cipla brand is good and reasonable.


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