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Invasive Ductal Carcinoma


I would like to get your thoughts on my story, which follows:-

My 59 year old mother started feeling small soft spongy feeling in her RB and asked me whether we need to get it checked. Wasting no time, we got mammography and UT done. Suspicious malignant mass( RB irregular hypoechoic mass legion 1.5 x 1.1 cm aprox with a satelite lesion of 0.8 cms noted and for LB :an oblong hypo to isoechoic lesion 1.6 x 0.8 cms noted) was observed and biopsy was ordered for RB. This was followed by tru core biopsy. The biopsy report was issued today and says " features suggestive of malignancy (Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, no special type) and further they have recommended for IHC panel for ER, PR and HER2.

I getting the treatment done by Onco surgeon at Manipal Hospital@ goa. Tomorrow, i will be visiting the doctor for further treatment plan. I would like your opinion on how good is my mums chance.

Thanks for listening

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Dear Friend:

Please be positive & strong. Wait till the doctors reply. Please post the test results on the forum such that our expert doctors can guide you. If you have any fears please do share with us. We all are here to help you. Please don't get tensed.

Your mom is in our prayers. Take care.




Hi - don't get tensed. Once the reports of ER/PR.HER2 will come the situation will be more clear.She will need surgery, chemotherapy and if reqd radiation + hormone therapy.

Do share your reports - you will get a moral support from this forum


My mum will be undergoing lumpectomy tomorrow morning, as my onco-surgeon wants to do BCS. He also added that during lumpectomy, he will be taking biopsy of lymp nodes for confirming the staging of IDC and further treatment protocol. In the background IHC panel : HER2, ER and PR is being done along with testing for cancer antigen :15-3. Hope things work out favorable. Please feel free to comment or suggest.


DO NOT Worry. There are targeted therapies.lot of survivor stories u read and encourage ur mom .It all depends on which stage is the cancer


Dear Ramdatsal,

Your mother seems to have an early breast cancer at this stage. You are on the right track and very appropriately your oncosurgeon seems to have offered her Breast conserving surgery which will of course be followed by Radiotherapy.

The need for further treatment (s)

1. Chemotherapy

2. Hormone Therapy

3. Targeted Therapy

will be determined later based on your final histopathology report and the results of the ER/PR/Her2 status.

On behalf of all the members of this forum, I wish your mother all the very best and good and fast recovery.

Dr Rohit Malde


Just finished with the surgery. Doctor said that the tumour was small in size and there was no issues during surgery. Further he indicated that the treatment would depend on biopsy results of lymph nodes. I will be getting IHC panel results in four days and few other results in 10 days. BTW... How long does it take to get results of lump node biopsy..? Hoping for the best ...


Post surgery... Among the other meds being given to my mum ... They have started with Letrozole tablets by fempro AKA Aromatase Inhibitor(courtesy Google ) But I was under the impression that this tablet would be considered on the outcome of IHC panel test. I hope it is safe at this stage...


It would be best to discuss with your oncologist the specific reason of starting the drug. We wouldn't know that.


Got the biopsy report today as follows :-

Surgical margins appear to be free

Invasive component measures 1.1 cm

Histologic grade : IDC, NST

Histologic Grade III( 6 - 7 points)

Nuclear grade : 3, Tubule formation : 2, Mitosis : 2

Lymph node with macrometastases : 0

Lymph node with macrometastases : 0

background fibrocystic changes : present

Atypical Ductal Hyperplasia is seen

IHC Panel :

ER @ 70 % +ve, PR @ 80 % +ve, HER2 NEU 3+ ( 3+ is based on complete/intense circumferential membrane staining and within > 10 % of invasive tumor cell)

How bad/good does it look, HER2 3+ is bothering me the most. Im thinking of getting FISH done to confirm the same, i understand the treatment for HER2 3+ is very expensive...i will somehow manage... but im worried about the potential danger that the treatment for HER 3+ can cause to her heart, she is already being treated for diabetes & hypertension. Further,can anyone advise me where FISH can be done. Thanks


Today, was the first follow up after the lumpectomy surgery. The surgical drains were removed. Further to double check the HER2 status, we have opted for HER2 neu testing by FISH method. Is FISH test full proof method or is there something else besides it ?.. Onco has also indicated possibility of chemo EC(4) and Paclitaxel cycle . Does any one have idea about this regime. Thanks..hoping for the best


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