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Need opinion: 58 yr old, TNBC stage 2A, tumor localized


After self diagnoses of a solid lump in left breast, consulted Gynec who referred me to surgical oncologist. Did PET -CT and needle biopsy. Biopsy report stated triple negative and CT revealed solid lesion on upper inner quadrant size of about 2.2 cm.

The oncologist is recommending surgery (either BCS or Mastectomy) and followed by chemo. I have been reading about TNBC and there are recommendations to do chemo first followed by surgery. What is the best option to choose? TIA

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1. Lumpectomy is absolutely SAFE if feasible. Ask your doctor and opt for lumpectomy, if your Oncologist feels that it is feasible (it should not be a multicentric tumour, and certain other factors as well).

cmanoj84, don’t worry at all. It’s a small tumour, just follow what your doctor says. Let your Oncologidt decide whether chemo is needed first or not. Different Oncologists follow different school of thoughts but outcome is the same. If need be, take an opinion.

sumeet_shah Thank you Dr for your response. Today, I consulted the medical oncologist and asked what drugs will be prescribed for TNBC type. The doctor mentioned 4 cycles of AC and 4 cycles of T and C. I failed to note down the drug name. Any clue what does these stand for? Doctor also mentioned its one of the standard regime to follow for TNBC.

Hello Sir/Madam


The staging of the disease decides whether chemo is to be given first or a surgery is to be done first. For locally advanced breast cancer that is tumour size more than 5 cm or multiple nodes in the axilla chemo is to be given first followed by reassessment for surgery.


STD Approach is to have Multimodality Treatment.

Surgery -- Chemo +/- Radiotherapy

Chemo -- Surgery + Radiotherapy ( mandatory)

Thank you for your responses.

I underwent surgery followed by chemo n radiotherapy. It was effective n I am doing good. So don't worry n follow the instructions given by ur doctors meticulously. U will be fine, be strong n face it. Positive attitude plays a crucial part in recovery. Stay positive n take care......

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