Patients helping cure themselves with nutrition & vitamins

I had Breast Cancer in 2001 and I had surgery and help myself with diet, without Chemo and I would like to help people who are going through the same journey.

There are so many Chronic illnesses that can be cured by nutrition and vitamins and reading Doctors' research

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  • Interesting to know. Could you elaborate a little more?

  • Hello Shubhac

    I read Professor Jane Plants book 'your life in your hands' and the book really enpowered me. I had a good idea about nutrition but her book was an insight showing how doctors research is ignored. So I took 10 grams of vitamin C daily and CO-Q10 200mg daily. I avoided all dairy products and had Soya which is a plant Estrogen and uptakes deadly Estrogens. After a year I was giving the all clear in 2002.

    That my journey

    Peace & Love from Margaret

  • Hello Victoria 1000 - pl share more about your day to day routine, your diet etc which will be helpful to our members also. Do also share what was the stage and other reports

  • Thanks a lot, Margaret. What is CO-Q10?

  • CO-Q10 was used in Finland with people in the last stages of cancer and 5 out of 7 survived. I am in the UK and we have viridian which is a brilliant company. However it like anything you buy soone will try to copy it on the cheap. I read there is a lot of fraud where people are selling it and its not CO-Q10 So if you decide to buy it make sure it pure

    Peace & Love

  • Can you please post the link of a scientifically controlled trial where 5 out of 7 patients in last stage of cancer in Finland survived by using Co Enzyme Q. It is not searchable on Google (I searched with 30 different search strings on Google for your Finland quote, but did not find a single link!) If such wonderful results are available, then I am sure there will be some reference to this wonderful outcome.

    I support CoQ as a supplement, no issues with that, may of my own patients take that. But using CoQ for treatment without anything else doesn't seem scientific.

    In India, every SINGLE day, one out of three patients who step into Tata Memorial Centre (The largest cancer center in Asia, in case you do not know) have been doing either this diet stuff, or Co Enzyme Q, or Ayurved or Naturopathy and land to Tata Hospital in a far advanced stage, that no treatment is feasible. And to quote the numbers, Tata Memorial Centre gets 25000 to 30000 patients in a year.

    You may be able to show me 5 survivors in stage 4; but you will easily get about 50 to 100 patients DAILY if you stand at gates of Tata Memorial Centre, who have lost war to cancer only because they spent time in all these dietary and natural therapies and did not take scientific treatment.

    Documented evidence and proof is EXTREMELY important, when any one quotes about survival is stage 4 cancers, it is not to be taken lightly. I will be waiting eagerly for you to give me a link to the 5 of 7 patients you have mentioned above.

  • Hello Sumeet

    We are what we eat and if we are eating loads of chemicals we will get cancer.Last week I talked to me as I was buying soya milk. He told me how he cure his prostrate cancer by avoiding dairy and having a vegan diet and loads of Soya and his Doctor was so happy to see him well and he is over 70 years old

    I took CO-Q10 because of Hazel Courtney's book 'The best 500 health tips you will ever need'

    Being diagnosed with the most aggressive breast cancer made me sit up and take notice of my diet So I avoided sugar and dairy and took 10 grams of vitamins C daily After surgery I stayed on the diet and as I survived a year the surgeon told me I was on the mend.

    Linus Pauling showed how good Vitamin C is and Einstein thought that we would all be taking vitamins in the century. However Doctors research is ignored.

    Yesterday we heard about the cold virus being injected in to skin cancer and killing the cancer cells. so next year it will be used in the UK which will be amazing for you people dying in their 20s from skin cancer

    As I have nursed for 45 years I have seen the outcome of drug treatment has on patients.

    Every year we are told that there is a new drug. People try to heal themselves if they can. We blame patients for presenting too late. Perhaps we need to ask why.

  • In certain points you mentioned, I do fully agree with you. Diet has an extremely important role. We ourselves are killing nature, which is resulting in cancers, no doubt. Such diet can surely go hand in hand with standard scientific treatment.

    New drugs do come every now and then; there is no denying of pharma bias as well. But remember, most drugs do act and have shown phenomenal results. Since 1985, Tamoxifen has changed the trend in ER positive breast cancer. Till late 90's, those who were HER2 positive, would not make it even beyond two years, survival was dismal; today, Herceptin has completely changed the scene. You have to see the results to believe your eyes. I have at least 20 of my patients over last two years, all of them came in advanced stages, all HER2 positive; We could give Herceptin to 13 of them (Others had financial issues). The tumour just melted in front of us. When I operated, them, 6 of them had a complete response. This is nothing short of phenomenal; you have to see for yourself the 7 cm mass and huge bunch of axillary nodes disappearing on Herceptin.

    It is not correct to downplay the role of drugs. Billions and billions of dollars are into research. And people who do research, people who are in pharma, also have a heart. Each and every one of them cannot be corrupt or money minded. They also have a heart. And top of all, results speak for themselves.

    ALso, I am not at all against these dietary things. In fact, I support them. All I want is, we cannot overtly rely on them as the sole means of treatment. Standard scientifically proven treatment, dietary changes, mental health, physical well being, all go hand in hand. None of them can win alone.

  • Hello Sumeet

    If you google the Linus Pauling Instute you will find reams of research papers on Co-Q10 . However beause C)-10 so expensive its copied by crooks

  • There are many claims that one can treat cancer through diet or supplements alone. I would be sure to consult with a breast cancer specialist and / or an MD of integrative medicine about your individual situation before trying this. My breast cancer did not require chemo, but did require a second lumpectomy and radiation. I was carefully followed by my surgeon, who specializes in breast cancer surgery and an oncologist who is a breast cancer specialist during treatment and after - now 8 years post diagnosis with no indication of problems.


  • Hello Pat

    Professor Jane Plant cured herself after getting the cancer back so many times with a change of diet and her book enpowered so many of us in the same situation.

    I had the very best care when I was diagnosed with the most aggressive type of breast surgery. At that time all the lymph nodes would be removed but I was in a pilot group so some cells would be taking for testing and luckly mine were clear of cancer. Then and I was talked in to having Radiotherapy which changed the cells in my breast which were now uptaking Estrogens so I had to have my breast removed. So I refused Chemo because the professor as our famous teaching Hospital said its not good for older adults. Now 13 year on I am very healthy. However I have a vegan diet and take 2 grams of vitamin C and 100mg Co-Q10 daily and I meditate.

    Peace & Love



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