Is it advisable to take ayurvedic treatment alongwith usual allopathic treatment of breast cancer?

Many people suggested us to go for ayurvedic treatment on breast cancer alongwith allopathic treatment. But is there any merit / findings regarding the efficacy of this treatment. Is it advisable to take these two treatments simultaneously. Views / Experiences will greatly help in removing the confusion / misconceptions, will also help in guiding others better.

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  • Vyasang, I think its not a good idea, bcu we dont know, how both medicine will react to each other. ..there is no proven aryuvedic treatment for cancer. ..but u can take anything herbal...which is not identified as medicine. It can help in reducing the side effect of chemothraphy.

  • It is a good idea to ask your doctor, even about herbal supplements. Some can change the effect of some therapies. Grapefruit and Seville Oranges (a very specific type, usually used for marmalade) should also be asked about.

  • I think chemo thraphy is best treatment .. any other treatment is only waste of time..

  • I thought of the same very recently as I wanted to increase the chance of my wife getting a pCR (Pathological Complete Response). I was advised by my doctor and another doctor from John Hopkins USA to stick to and complete the chemo regimen which is tried and tested. There is a ton of data supporting chemo theraphy. I do feel that once you have completed your standard regimen, you can try different diets and alternative treatments after consulting with your doctor. It's a natural feeling to want to take something to ease the side effects or to perhaps hope for a better overall response - I felt exactly the same way and it pains me that there is not much i can do to help. But follow your doctors advise and focus on your now treatment may be the way to go, unless of course your doctor advises you to follow a different path. If you decide to take anything along with your chemo regimen, surely consult your doctor first. Our doctor said eat a lot of vegetables, stay healthy, eat a balanced diet, and think positive. I think for starters, that is something that we can try to focus on.

  • Yes I also think it is correct as told by made2b2gether

  • Need to know if homeopathy treatment can help , while continuing with chemotheraphy ? Also lot of fruits are mentioned - soursop etc , does it really help , what about wheat grass? looking for inputs pl

  • hi rishi,

    as we all know homeopathy is a slow medicine, no side effects. i believe it should be taken along with any allopathic medicine.

    wheat grass is mostly given during chemotherapy n helps build immunity.

    now when comes to sour soup, even i was wondering where to get from, many varieties available, indian or i think from Thailand. one needs to confirm if sour soup, guanabana, or sharifa are of same family.

    one doctor told me that sour soup can have strong side effects. hence shouldn't be taken. i want more views on it. also where to get it from

  • i am in same situation for 10 years old girl suffering from ALL blood cancer. but some people still using chemo and ayurveda in hospital

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