BC Recurrence after 5 years with Mets in Ribs and sternum

Hello all,

My mom had been diagnose with breast cancer in 2011, lumpetocomy was done at that time and done with 6 cycles of chemotheraphy(Cyclophosphamide,5-FU and Adrim), Now again in 2017 recurrence happened in chest wall with mets to 1st and 4th rib.She undergone a surgery and now had concurrent chemoradiation(4 mild doses of CMF + 30 radiations(3DCRT).Our onc now suggested to take another 6 doses of taxol(followed by hormonal theraphy).we are very much disturbed and wanted to know whether the treatment line we currently going are correct and will taxol help for a progression free survival in coming days.Any body pls help. She ER/PR + and HER -

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  • Hello Prasath. Did she have radiation in 2011

  • No she didn't have radiation in 2011

  • Please seek second opinion from an oncologist who will have the advantage of reviewing all your records and reviewing the scan plates..

    Reviewing the doses given, understanding the intention it which concurrent ChemoRadiation was given.

    Reviewing the response achieved and understanding the intention with which Taxol is being offered.

    Wonder what mild dose CMF means.

    Don't know the age of your mother.

    It helps to know that she is ER/PR +ve and she will certainly benefit from Hormone Therapy...And Cancers progressing after 5 years...Usually have good biological behaviour.

    They were under hormonal control for all these years and it's just that after 5 years most patients go off Hormones, that's when the relapse occurs.

    Breast cancer treatment is so Individualised that for same tumour characteristics there can be multiple different therapeutix options and different philosophies of oncologists based on their experiwnce and skills.

    It's very difficult to comment on particular scenario without knowing the full story

  • Hello Sir, Thanks for the reply. My mom was not under hormonal theraphy at the time when she was diagnosed in 2011.Now our onc suuggested to put her on hormonal therapy once the chemo was done.I think hormonal therapy will help in not spreading the tumor to other organs,please share ur thoughts on the same and please explain me regarding hormonal therapy

  • Was her previous cancer ER/PR NEGATIVE.

    do we have evidence that the current cancer is ER/PR +ve

    Your Oncologist will surely guide you in right direction

    All the best !!

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts sir,In previous cancer we haven't took er/pr test,,we took only 6 doses of chemo.In case of current cancer er/pr test was done and results are ER+(8/8), PR+(4/8) and HER2-.Will it have a good prognosis sir,,please share your thoughts on the same

  • Prognosis is relatively good.

    She has Metastatic disease which remains incurable but certainly treatable...

    She needs lifelong hormones, Bisphosphonates ( after DEXA scan Test) , and suveillance with routine scans done at least 4-6 monthly.

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts,i will seek for a second opinion for the same.In the meantime can you please suggest some good cancer centres in chennai or coimbatore .Please help

  • Any one please suggest any good cancer centres in chennai or coimbatore .Please help

  • I took treatment from CMC VELLORE

    It's a good hospital, reliable, efficient doctors

  • Hello Doctors,

    Need your valuable suggestion on the below point

    We had went for pet scan last week which showed the below findings

    Lesions in ribs was totally cleared in this PET Scan( previously it was present in 1st and 4th rib (max suv - 5.8), increased uptake in left sternum suv - 6( previosuly the suv is 3.5), Doctor prescribed to take femara(letrozole 2.5 mg) and monthly once bone injection , but he was telling only the survival rate will be 2 to 3 years.. And he told No chemo required..i am very much worried..please advise us whether we are going in right path do we need any chemo or radiation

    Note : he already undergone one cycle of chemo(taxol + carboplatin)

  • Hello Doctor,

    It will be very grateful if you share the feedback on above mentioned ,,Please share your thoughts

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