i need information regarding from where can i get mastectomy bras for my mother?

my mother had a mastectomy and her treatment is finally over she has battled very positively and now after an year she has regained her confidence and m so happy for her. just yesterday we out for the first time ever after her complete physical as well as emotional recovery. But she is a little uncomfortable about her dressing. I have heard of mastectomy bras and searched online as well but where can we buy one from as per my mother's size and comfort. also what about prosthetic bras? the doctors here in Surat have little information about it. Please guide me.

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  • I am not sure of the places where you will get them in Surat; but try any outlet which keeps Juliet Bras. You should be able to get them.

    I will contact my sources and let you know in a few days, if I come to know anyone who supplies there

  • thank you doctor.

  • Hi shreyat, groversons Paris beauty made mastectomy bra just ask the any big shop...they can arrange for you...its around 2000/- Rs each.

    Check the below link


  • Thank you manish...i will check out :)

  • hi chandra

    so happy that mother is positively come out of every thing and she is so positive about everything. Congratulations chandra to u and mother to won the battle very successfully

  • Thanks a lot...:)

  • hi Shreyat, first of all congrats to yr mom for her recovery. Contact Neelam for your bra and prosthesis requirements. Her personal number is 9920477521 Mumbai.

  • thanks a lot.:)

  • hello shreyat congrats to ur mother and u too!just try any outlet of juliet bras they have a special form which can be filled up with size,name etc and sent to the company directly,the company sends u the bras within a fortnight free of cost.please attach ur doc.recommendation letter too.i have been using these bras for the past six years.

  • thanks a lot...so do they ship to any part of the country?

  • Hi, where and how can I get these bras in Bangalore? I need for my mother and I have been struggling for a long time

  • hello ,yes they ship it to any part of india.i live in raipur in c.g,so i am sure they will ship it to surat.

  • Thanks to all for all the valuable informations. We all need to know this. Any idea for Delhi outlets or is it only in Mumbai?

  • Inner Studio, Pune. Ph 7507897864. Shipping anywhere in India

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