Swelling in hand after MRM

My mom is going to 6 chemo tomorrow but after 3 months she still has seedling in hands . 27 lymph node were removed while MRM. His long it will remain. Is this too serious . doc told it is due to fluid flow n need to do exercise.

Also she is facing issue of acidity in stomach after 3 day of chemotherapy . any solution for same ?

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  • Ashish unsure what Seedling of Hands means.

    Your mom unfortunately has Lymphedema by the way u describe.

    Consult your surgical Oncologist who would be the best person to consult about this and help you manage this and explain if its going to be temporary or Permanent and its options to manage.

    For acidity, the best person would be your Medical Oncologist. Try and consult him for best solution to acidity problem. He /she may prescribe some medications to help your mom.

    All the best to your mom

  • Thank you so much for helpful suggestion. Yes it is lymphoedema.

  • Dear Ashish,

    Sorry to know about your mother.pls be strong for her sake.don't panic.I am sure her oncologist will have a solution for her condition.will be praying.

  • Dear Ashish,

    My wife had undergone surgery after 3 chemos, from the next day after surgery the surgical oncologist taught her exercises to overcome hand swelling, and she was assigned a physio during the hospital stay, she managed herself and doing well now, Doctors suggestions were not to use the hand for lifting things and strenuous work. I am sure your mom's hand swelling will become alright with regular exercises or you can use a bandage to reduce the swelling. My prayers for your mom's speedy recovery

  • Hi Ashish, Your mother needs to perform exercise regime given by Physiotherapist to keep tab on working of hand. My mother is advised for exercise 6 times in a day. Acidity after chemo is also a side effect and can be controlled with Coconut water (3 times a day). Try to avoid giving meals which are immediately prepared i.e at least make 10 -15 mins gaps in giving any meal after preparation. Avoid anything which is too hot or too cold. All eatables should be given at normal temperature. Also, giving beet root or carrot also helps to reduce bowel disruption.

  • Hi Ashish

    The lymphedema will compromise her quality of life.

    It has to be taken care of aggressively

    In Mumbai I found physiotherapists at saifee hospital guided me we with the exercise n massage program. Also nanavati hospital is supposed to have physiotherapists trained in this field.

    Online on YouTube there are multiple good videos . The best I found was this .

    Do check it out.

    All the best .

    What I have learnt is that post Axillary node dissection, the massage is a daily routine to be followed as this will help with lymphatic drainage. There is no way out other than this.

  • Have your mother also ask about getting a "sleeve" - not sure whether they use the same name there - a compression bandage to be worn on the affected arm. Her doctor should be able to recommend a medical supply store and the right fit.

  • hii Ashish . my mother also went through MRM and now she has completed her treatment . our doctors told to my mom that as lymph nodes are removed sometimes she may feel swelling and pain which may

    be temporary and need not to worry about that and suggested some hand exercises .Now , my mom rarely feels like that which comes and goes off Also told precautions like

    not lifting weights more than 5KGS

    should not check BP for the hand on the side the mastectomy was done

    the second precaution applies for iv fluids also

    for sometimes she should not sleep on right side as she got mastectomy of right breast

  • Thank you.

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