Is it true that sugar and milk are harmful to a cancer patient ?

Hello sir,

Since my mother has heard this she has stopped her sugar intake completely and replaced milk with soy milk. Hence her food is bitter and she has not eaten anything sweets since 4 months and i know for a fact she has a sweet tooth. so what can i give her as a substitute of sugar ? and is it even true?

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  • Hi Chinu

    I was also told to take less sugar but after chemo i and all have lots of weakness and for immediate relief from weakness sugar or sweet things helped me a lot. But now after some time i have decreased the sugar level comparitively. But i think every thing in proportion is must

  • Hi chinu, there is no harm in taking sugar in controlled manner...even sugar plays important role in our health....and there is only relation between milk and cancer is that if they used rgbh harmone injection to cow for more milk...then this milk can increase the risk for cancer. .

  • I do not think they are harmful at all, as long as they are taken in a balanced and controlled manner.

    Carbohydrates, proteins and fats, all of them are essential for our body and are never a problem if taken in a balanced manner.

    Please let your mom have some sweets. It's mango season, if she likes them, let them have it. It's best to avoid sugar substitutes.

    Just let her have whatever she wants.

  • Fresh fruit helps when I crave sugar. I have gotten rid of most of the junk food in my diet, but an occasional bowl of ice cream is a must and we all know that dark chocolate is medicinal! The best rule I know is the more natural the better and all things in moderation.

  • Are sugar substitutes harmful?

  • Yes, some of them are not good. Preferably, avoid sugar substitutes.

  • Milk induces lot of mucus secretion which is a good recipe for the cancer cells to grow. So Milk is not Recommended. Coming to sugar- A high calorie diet is not good for a cancer patient to consume as the cancer cells multiply fast.

  • Hello usuf369. Thanks for sharing your views. Nice to have you on forum.

    Are you doctorate or doctor (medicine)?

    This sugar and milk issues have raised due to some information published on net couples of months back circulated in the name of John Hopkins'.Though they have clarified it many times that its not from them.

    I would say Cancer is not a metabolic disease, its very much in built in our genes, either from hereditory, environmental carcinogens or low immune system. As every human body produces cancer cells and our immune system is capable of self destryoing them.

    So as doctor Sumeet says, there is no harm in taking them in balanced and controlled manner rather then avoiding.

  • sorry to interrupt you...rana but few people believe its metabolic disease...still its not clear bcu there is two stream one believe its metabolic disease and other stream think its genetic..still there is no conclusion..just read about ketogenic diet

  • Hey Manish!! Thanks for sharing. Its amongst the one of the study on Cancer. Like with phytoestogens, some say er +ve should not take it, some studies say it may benefit them.

    Because till now human mind has not reached to the critical point of understanding the cancer. I remember when I asked one of my onco, why I got Cancer, and he said, 'sorry I don't know, there are thousand reasons of cancer'. He is right, its a million dolllar question when someone could tell you why you got cancer. Same with the recurrence, its always unpredictive.

    Scientifically even one bc does not resemble with another second bc yet there are something common in them.

  • Hi milk is not good for few patients and not all.

  • Hi rana. Thank you for your compliments. I'm a doctorate in Immunology. Well I'm not asking to stop drinking milk. What I was trying to tell is to create a environment where cancer cells can't duplicate or proliferate. Even cancer cells need food to grow up and divide. The food we take even the milk, chicken is adulterated. There are many reasons for different types of cancer but what I found the major reason is the poisoning of food which is causing uncontrolled cell division. Those who are suffering from cancer can improve your survival by providing some back up like creating a alkaline environment in the body, avoiding acidic food, improving cellular oxygen levels, changing food eating habits..etc. Immune system also plays a major role...especially NK cells.. I supplement my patients with immune modulators and NK cell boosters along with all these precautions. I personally found in major no of cases avoiding milk helped a lot in recovery. Not only mucus as said by John Hopkins, in other words it's adulterated milk. Any queries @

  • Thanks usuf. Nice to know you. I am also pursuing my PhD in biotechnology. We can further discuss this cancer cell biology if you are on researchgate.

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