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Scoliosis. Harrington rods. Pregnancy

Hi so i am 22 and at the age of 7 i had harrington rods placed in my back. Had ops every 6 months to straighten my spine and had permanent rods put in at the age of 12 and spinal fusion. Was always told i would have trouble during pregnany. Got pregnant at 20. Had no problems during and had natural birth without epidural that went well. However i was in an underscribable amount of pain. I no labour is painful but that was unimaginable. I felt like i was being hit by lightning in my back with every contraction ! I told the MW to kill me i just wanted to die and pain was unbearable ! Had morphine but the pain in back was still as strong as ever. I am now pregnant again and am worried all this paid was because of the rods of if it was just normal ??

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