Pain under ribs top of bump

Hi I am 23weeks +3 days pregnant And keep getting sharp pressing pain under my ribs on my right side at the top of my bump.

I had my blood pressure checked earlier this week which was fine

Is this pain normal?

Also getting alot of intense heart burn

Please help

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  • Ring your midwife. Simply put its better safe than sorry

  • Thanks I did and was told your only 23 weeks it's probably just everything growing and moving about! So not satisfied I booked a private US scan for tonight

  • How did everything go?

  • Hi my MW told me to see my doctor which I did I was then told to see my MW about pregnancy related issues (cant win) feel like been passed about!

    Ive still got pain at top of my bump and was given no answers.

    My GP tested blood pressure which was fine and said pains probably due to baby getting bigger

    Thanks x

  • You need to tell your midwide dr wont do anything my surgery refuses to even give me an appointment saying contact midwife

  • That's awful!

    My midwife was usless just skated over my concerns, seeing her again at my 28 week appointment in two weeks x

  • You sometimes have to push with them and if you really dont think they will take it seriously contact Early pregnancy or triage at your hospital and speak to them

  • Thanks! Ive booked s private scan for next week! 3D

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