Is it possible to get FOUR false positives??

In the last week I have had four positives from 2 different brands. I was meant to be having a blood test today anyway because doctor doesn't believe I'm pregnant. I started bleeding (brown) last night and I've been having pain on and off for a while so trotted myself down to the doctors this morning... Only to be told that false positives happen and to just come back for my blood test that afternoon. I'm a bit dubious about "false" positives anyway but find it extremely hard to believe that I've had four consecutive ones!! Do you guys think its possible? I feel like I'm losing my mind 😞. I'm also starting to worry that if I'm not pregnant is there something wrong that is causing the positives? I'm terrified at the moment and feel like I'm not getting realistic answers from health professionals

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  • I have never heard of false positives especially not 4 tests, im assuming these were all tested at different times and days and fresh urine? sorry to be blunt, if you have had 4 positives I would say you are certainly pregnant however there must be a reason a doctor is dismissing it so easily, the blood can be common early in pregnancy and is not always a cause for concern, I would suggest getting a scan to put your mind at ease

  • I had a positive followed by a load of negatives about 3 weeks ago...i ended up in hospital 2 weeks ago for pain and my hcg came back below 5 so they were thinking early miscarriage. But these positives have been since then all on different days and getting stronger each time.

  • False positives happen but that's when people don't do the test right but that's really really unlikely. Try clear blue early plus that's a good test picks up small amounts of hcg. My doctor told me I wasn't pregnant twice.. I now have a 2 year old and I'm pregnant again so she was wrong both times. The doctors have urine pregnancy tests but they don't pick.up before your period is a few days late nothing like early clear blue. So like.i Said if you don't wanna wait for bloods etc try that test or the digital. Can't go wrong with the digital xx

  • Hey thanks for replying. I used 2 tesco tests and 2 clearblue plus tests. She said I can ring today for results. Just really confusing as I've never had this happen to me before... I've got 3 kids and only had positives when I was actually pregnant. Never had evap lines either! Congrats on your pregnancy hun. X

  • Hi! Just wondering if you got your results back? Did they confirm the pregnancy x

  • I had my results yesterday and they said the blood test was negative 😞 I don't know why I was getting positives

  • Oh no I'm sorry. Do they know why? I still haven't started my period either. Dunno what's up!

  • They just say its false positives and it happens. Going to be getting the implant tomorrow... Although I'm gutted about what's happened we weren't trying for another baby and both me and hubby agree that that hasn't changed. I wish the outcome was different but at least I know now. Have the doctors given you a blood test or anything?

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