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a positive pregnancy test 2 weeks after a medical abortion help

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So it’s been two weeks since I had a medical abortion and I was asked to do a test today so did one at 5.30 this morn and it’s come back positive 😞😞😞😞😞

I had blood clots and bleeding just started to stop just brown discharge now but had blood clots and bleeding and don’t feel pregnant just headaches

What happens now and please say i don’t have to have a survey 😞😞😞 help

8 Replies

Hi Tink23

I am so sorry to read this. However I think sometimes it doesn't work 100%. They may take a blood test to understand how much hcg there is left in your system before they do anything else. Hopefully it is just trace hcg that you have left.

Sending you big hugs - I know how hard this is. Xx

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Tink23 in reply to Camillage

Thanks hoping it’s nothing but knowing my luck it won’t have past 😞😞😞

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Camillage in reply to Tink23

With my recent managed miscarriage I still had hcg 3 weeks on. And around that time, after just hardly any bleeding for a week or so, I had cramps and passed something larger which just whooshed out. I was lucky in that mine was due to an anembryonic pregnancy.

But with mine being managed by epu they took my bloods every week until I had an hcg of 9.

Hope the clinic can help and that it really is just trace. I also hope you are feeling ok? This can be such a traumatic time whichever road takes us here. Xx

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Tink23 in reply to Camillage

Hi spoke to someone this morning just gotta wait till the other place is open to then speack and they may send me another test as they say it is still early and that iv past bloody clots and been ok so I will see what they say when I speack hope it’s just a trace and they haven’t gone yet it is a very faint line but still had a right game as it is yeah I’m ok thank you hope ur ok too x

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Camillage in reply to Tink23

All good thanks. It's not a nice experience but hopefully it will all be ok soon. Big hugs xx

sometimes it can take a month to get a negative ive been were you are just try to stay calm an test each week

I had a surgical abortion in november pregnancy hornones are still in your system give it a another week or 2 and they will have left your body so take another test in a week then re test in a couple of weeks my hormones didnt leave my body for a good 3/4 weeks

Thank you very much for your lovely message back I have now spoken to someone and they are gonna scan me as I’m away the next week and I’m a worrier so best to get it doubled checked thank you x

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