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8 weeks pregnant but hardly any symptoms

I found out three weeks ago I was 5 weeks pregnant. The only symptoms I've had is light cramping a sore lower back which I suffer from anyway and tender breasts. But I just don't feel pregnant if that makes sense. I have a bump coming already but am I just worrying over nothing. I'm still waiting on my first appointment with the midwife.

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Hi There,

Try not to worry, some women do only get similar symptoms to you. Not all women will experience pregnancy sickness (which is not a bad thing!). It sounds like everything is going ok, eat well, rest when you can, commence folic acid if you haven't already, and look forward to seeing the midwife.

Best Wishes



Thank you my midwife got in contact with me my appointment is next week. So I will also talk to her about it. Thank you for you're reply.


I am currently 10+4 weeks and all my symptoms have subsided which I hope is normal. Do not worry or stress to much, the only symptoms I have had is peeing a bit more, tiredness, and loss of appetite, a tiny bit of nausea but like I said, it's all disappeared. Just relax and enjoy it, count yourself lucky, some women would love to have less symptoms. I wish you all the best.

Good luck for your appointment x


Thank you, yes I know I'm very lucky I haven't had many symptoms. They subside then come back visa versa. Hope everything goes well with you're pregnancy. X


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