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Progesterone and bone health

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Has anyone taken progesterone to help build bone density? I’m stopping my prolia injections and want to take all the important supplements I can to help ward off rebound fractures. Thinking about starting Actonel as I was talk Fosamax for 3.5 yrs prior to Prolia but started having stomach issues from it. Did Bioidentical hormone therapy for 10 yrs & the progesterone was helping my bones stay strong, however, stopping HRT now but thinking of still taking the progesterone (plus I sleep btr w/it). Just wondering if anyone has any feedback on progesterone & bone health.

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Hi, my daughter introduced me to Dr Louise newson, menopause doctor. I am 68 and have been on hrt with progesterone for 7 months now. For my bone density, last dexa showed slight improvement. Generally feel better on it. Recommend looking her up. Best wishes.

I was on AA for 7 years before 2 femur fractures a year apart. Cause = AA. I am 88 and on loads of meds for various conditions, osteoporosis, glaucoma,asthma, lymphodemia, arthritis. etc. Have stair lift , rolator, wheelchair, full time carer (my 58 year old daughter) so am pretty well on the scrap heap. But I keep positive and cheerful, grateful for all the help I have. Lock down did not alter my life greatly it is basically the same life I have led for years. State of mind is essential to cope so keep positive and taking the pills

Ummm I am confused about taking progesterone for bone health because it is oestrogen that helps bone density. I have osteoporosis and endometriosis…..I was unable to take progesterone only which helps endo due to it being bad for my bones as it effectively shuts off the ovaries and stops oestrogen being produced which leads to bone problems. I am not sure who advised progesterone for bone health however due to having to restrict oestrogen due to my endo I have also had to go on zolendronic acid infusions for my osteoporosis. I have fractured all my ribs and previously fractured my hip.

Not sure how to advise but I have never heard of progesterone being good for the bones it’s always been oestrogen that’s why menopause causes bone density issues as you no longer produce oestrogen.

Sorry I’m not more help but that’s my story xx

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Yes that’s all true about estrogen helping the bones but studies have found progesterone along w/it revealed an increase in BMD as well as pain relief & fracture prevention. I googled progesterone & learned all about it. Gonna keep on researching but thx so much for ur reply!

please take medical advice before you stop prolia. Do you have a reason for stopping prolia?

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Well I recently found out one cannot stop taking Prolia (started it in 2017 & that was not documented then so not told to me by my rheumatologist) unless you follow it w/a bisphosphonate. I tk Fosamax for 3 and a half yrs but then started to develop jaw pain..had to have an MRI to see if it was ONJ (so scary!)…they diagnosed it as osteoarthritis of my jaw but advised I stay away from that family of drugs. One should NOT take prolia for more than 10 yrs so not sure what the heck I’m gonna do as I’m 69 (almost70) and have been on it almost 5 yrs. Also after tons of research found out the more Prolia injections you’ve had the more chance of rebound fractures when you stop it! My gut tells me to try the more natural way via supplements; strontium, K2, etc (I no longer have osteoporosis but in the osteopenia category) however my endo dr is highly against that. I have 3 wks b4 my next injection is due so researching like crazy b4 I make my decision..thinking about Alendronate (lower dosage daily pill) for a yr to have some protection against rebound fractures. On top of this I recently ended my bio identical hormone therapy as I was on that for 10 yrs so the thought of no more estrogen along w/stopping prolia kinda scares me..🙄

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