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Hip surgery - Osteonecrosis - Prolia - My life is now a mess


I had 3 injections of Prolia. I stopped my 10/18 shot due to a tooth extraction on 06/07/18, resulting in serious infection and confirmed Osteonecrosis. As of 12/12/18 my mouth is 90% healed (I have had dead skin tissue dug out 2 times!)

Also, I am near bone on bone on my left hip and am scheduled for hip replacement on 02/16/19 - I see the Ortho today to explore other options. There is NO way I want surgery while suffering the withdrawals of Prolia. Anybody have hip surgery after stopping Prolia? Any advice? Will I be better next year or is this my "new normal"?

Angry and Frustrated

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Darling so sorry about your horrible experience. I wish I could help. 😭😭😭😭😭👗

What did they do to treat the osteonecrosis?

Since last June's tooth extraction I have had the wound area dug out and re-stitched 3 times necessitating antibiotics due to rotting tissue and infection. I still use a prescription rinse twice a day. I thought by late December the area was healing, but in February a piece of dead bone pushed its way through the gum and had to be extracted. It was close to a 1/2" long. The doctor was taking photos to document it!!

Again I was put on 10 days of antibiotics. Here I am in late March praying the condition will not continue to slowly kill my jaw bone. I am scheduled for hip replacement surgery in late April. I am scared, but need to get this hip fixed! I figure the longer I wait the worse it could be. In addition to the fear of dental issues, I am told my bones will rapidly get brittle without the Prolia. (rebound effect) They wanted me to consider Reclast, but with this last osteonecrosis episode they don't want me to try it. I hope my femur does not shatter during or after surgery!

I hope you don't face this situation.

If the diagnosis was osteonecrosis I don’t understand why you

are not on intravenous antibiotics.

Not positive, but I don't think this is an active infection. I am hoping as the Prolia lessens in my body the condition stops. I don't think the medical field really knows too much about this condition. It only started occurring when they started pushing bone drugs on people. My generation are the guinea pigs to be studied. (hell of a deal!)

I want to save antibiotics for my hip surgery. Too much antibiotic could dilute effectiveness, and I fear I will need them in the future.

I hope your hip doctor knows your concerns and I hope an Oralmaxillofacial surgeon is available to you to confirm infection is not active. I wish you to be well soon!

Good advice. I will ask about finding such a doctor. Thanks.

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