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Zolendronate Infusion

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I was diagnosed with osteoporosis 2 years ago following a wrist fracture. I had a parathyroidectomy in August. I am unable to take alendronic acid due to stomach problems and have been advised to have a zolendronate infusion. However, I am concerned about side effects, in particular hair loss, skin changes and joint pain. Could people please share their experiences, good or bad.

I presently take a calcium, zinc, magnesium, vit D supplement, do as much walking as I can and keep an eye on calcium in my diet. Thank you.

14 Replies
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Hi, t1gernidster, I had my first zolondronic infusion last February so I am due for one this February but I won’t be having it due to the side effects that are what you said, the hair loss if very very noticeable, swollen joints, very dry skin that looks under nourished plus others.

I have taken AA and Risedronate both of which had bad side effects.

It looks like I’ll just have to wing it as they say and hope for the best because the side effects for me where horrible.

Everybody is different so I would say you need to try it it just may be right for you.

Good luck.

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t1gernidster in reply to ROSmember

Thank you ROSmember. I think I will be winging it too! The risk of the side effects seem to heavily outweigh the benefits.

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I’ve just had my 6th zolendronate infusion and have had no side effects at all. I have felt a bit rough the day after but have had no hair loss etc. It has really made a difference to my osteoporosis. I wouldn’t write it off completely.

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t1gernidster in reply to JElsom

Thank you. I am glad it has been good for you. It’s a huge risk though....

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Hi, I had my first zolondronic infusion in February this year & suffered no side effects at all.

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Will your bone density improve following your parathyroidectomy as hyperparathyroidism causes your body to release calcium from your bones which in turns causes osteoporosis in many people. This kind of osteoporosis is reversible according to Parathyroid.com and many well respected academics for example Steven Yeh of UCLA think osteoporosis due to hyperparathyroidism doesnt respond well to bisphosphanates. They improve the density of bones but dont cause NEW bone growth and can cause bones to become MORE brittle. Look up his study in 2016 you can find it on the internet "Annals of internal medicine" dated april 5th 2016. Taking bisphosphanates when you have hyperparathyroidism can cause more fractures than doing nothing. Please please please do your research

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t1gernidster in reply to Cappuccinobaby

Thank you for this valuable info Cappuccinobaby. When I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and hyperparythyroidism bisphosphonates were recommended but because I was aware that they would do no good at that time I refused them. When I asked the rheumatologist recommending the infusion what the effect of the parathyroidectomy would have on my bones I was advised that ‘it will stop the decline’ but according to the article in parathyroid.com there is an immediate improvement and further improvement for up to four years. Treatment on bones after a parathyroidectomy might be effective but it makes more sense to me to at least wait until the body makes its own adjustment post surgery.

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I am pre op for hyperparathyroidism and have Osteoporosis my endo said it was because i went thru menopause im my 40's but I was 50 years and 10 mths when i had my last period. Im sure the hyperparathyroidism is to blame. I started researching alendronic acid when it was prescribed and i saw the side effects. There is a very good facebook group fo people pre and post parathyroidectomies called hyperparathyroidukaction4change. Look it up its an amazing group. Good luck with whatever you decide

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t1gernidster in reply to Cappuccinobaby

Thank you. We need all the help we can get!! Good luck with your op - I feel much better after mine.

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Cappuccinobaby in reply to t1gernidster

Thank you.....if I ever get my op 😲😲

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Can you persuade your consultant to prescribe Forsteo which is a synthetic parathyroid hormone? That will encourage new bone to be built. It's a two year course and could then be followed by the bisphosphonate injection which will maintain the bone gain.

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I had my first zolondronic infusion in mid December and have had no side effects thank god!!In fact it had made me more determined to make sure that I am getting right nutrients and that I am following daily exercise and walking regime .

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Hi I was diagnosed with ostioporosis several years ago. I have had none of the side effects you mentioned.

Hope all goes well for you.

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Lilact in reply to Artistic-Grandma

Thank you! still have to to be up on exercise and vitamins to get the optimum benefits I suppose

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