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Update on "25 years of Fosamax"

Update on "25 years of Fosamax"

I have read all your replies and looked at similar posts as well over the 3 weeks since I joined this community. Many thanks to you all. I feel much less isolated and much more enlightened now.

My husband phoned the Osteoporosis Group nurse for me (I am quite deaf and not good on phone). She related to my situation immediately and and shared her knowledge freely, answering all our questions about time on biophosphonates, alternatives like Strontium Ranelate etc. At the end she encouraged me to consult our GP whom we have now seen.

On GP's advice I am now taking a "Fosamax Holiday". I have been put on the list to have a bone density scan (the last was at least 12 years ago) and have it assessed by a Rheumatologist who will then discuss whether I should ever go back on the medication again or not. In the mean time I will continue taking 'Adcal-D3' (Calcium and Vitamin D supplement) and try to keep up my daily attempts at weight bearing exercises, which include 30 minutes of (not so brisk any more!) walking.

I will update again after the bone scan and consultation.

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I'm glad you are getting some support. Do you also take Vitamin K2? That's the vitamin which, along with magnesium, makes sure calcium actually gets into the bones. Most of us are now deficient in this vitamin because of our Western diet, but the supplement is made from a fermented soy which has been shown, by Japanese researchers, to help prevent and reverse osteoporosis. All the best!

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Hi WaryMary

Good to hear from you and to learn that you or rather your husband called the helpline and you found this helpful. I have only heard good things about the helpline. :)

All the best and we look forward to hearing from you again as and when.

Look after yourself. :)


Thanks Kaarina,

My GP has just received the bone densitometry result. she wrote to me as follows:

"It shows that you are no longer in the osteoporotic range. The advice from the rheumatologist was that we should stop the medication for 2/3 years at this stage and then review the situation at that point."

In all fairness then I must acknowledge that the fosamax treatment has been effective. I will be glad stop using it now, of course. I suppose they will scan me again when they 'review the situation'. Might they recommend I go back on fosamax at age 95? Who knows - but if I am still around and if any of you are still interested, I will certainly let you know what they say then.

Thanks for your interest and I hope some of you may find my experiences helpful.

Take care.


Hi WaryMary,

Lovely to hear from you. That is great news, isn't it? I am sure they will scan you again and if time goes by, you can always give your GP a reminder about it. They are so busy these days, it may be overlooked.

You are obviously doing something right, so carry on with the weight bearing exercises and the vitD and Calcium tablet and enjoy life.

I would love to hear from you any time again, MaryWary.,

Look after each other, sounds like you are a good team, you and your husband. :)


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