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Alendronic Acid 2 years on.


I said I'd write this post as it may or may not help anyone considering taking this medication to make a decision.

I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in 2016, having being diagnosed coeliac in 2015. My t score at the time was -2.5 in my Spine. I also had osteopenia in my hips. I was advised then to go on medication but refused.

2 years later in a follow up dexa scan my T score was -2.7 in spine on a different machine. My doctor frightened the life out of me at the time and i felt i had no option but to take the medication. I have been taking it for just over 2 years. I was very lucky and didn't have any harsh side affects.

My plan was to come off the meds if my recent dexa scan showed improvement. I had my scan 2 weeks ago and have had a 5% improvement in my spine. My T score is now -1.9 in my L1-L3 Spine. I asked for a print out of my results as advised by several people on this forum and I was very confused by what was down on paper.

Instead of seeing T score of -2.7 for spine in 2018, I read that my T score then was -2.2. I emailed the hospital Radiology dept. for clarity not expecting them to answer but in fairness they did. I was really bothered because if i was told my T score was -2.2 in 2018 I would never have agreed to go on meds. They told me that my L2 vertebrae then was -2.8 but my average L1 to L3 T score was -2.2 in 2018. My L2 vertebrae has gone from -2.8 to -2.2. I now have osteopenia instead of Osteoporosis.

Apart from taking Alendronic acid i have increased my exercise routine. I'm 62 this year and I'm retired so doing a half hour of stretches, weights, heel bumps and some floor exercises every morning isn't a problem. I have a dog who needs to be walked so I walk between 3 and 5 miles every day. My diet is good, I'm coeliac and I cook everything from scratch. I take cod liver oil and vit D. I stopped taking calcium a few years ago because i get enough in my diet. I make my own Kefir, water and Milk and thats great for the gut. It also contains valuable Vit K2. I eat prunes for Boron. I have epsom salt bath regularly for magnesium but i'm going to take that as a supplement when I find the right one because I find the baths are brilliant and give temporary relief from age related arthritic pain.

I'll keep taking the Alendronic Acid until my prescription runs out in June. I will have been on it 2 and a half years then. I'm hoping that by doing the right things exercise and diet wise my bone won't have deteriorated too much by the time i have my next scan in 2 years time. I'm sorry this post is so long but I am a work in progress and if you have any thoughts or knowledge on what i can expect to see in my next scan i'd appreciate it.

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Great post KidR.

KidR in reply to springcross

Thank you

Thank you for this. I was dx Coeliac at the end of Nov 2020 - I've got a dexa scan on 9th March - so posts like this are invaluable. I am also 62 this year.😊

KidR in reply to nellie237

Best of luck nellie237. Be sure and let us know how you get on


Good to read such a positive report. Best wishes for you to keep well

KidR in reply to walk21

Thank you

Arent the dexa scans supposed to be done on the same machine othwerwise how can a comparison be done?

My last 2 scans of 2018 and feb 2021 have been done on same machine so that’s what I’m comparing. The earlier scan was done in 2016 that’s when I was initially diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

I discovered I could have it done for free with my health insurance if I had it done in a different hospital so I have had last 2 scans there. I’m living in Ireland.

Hi KidR, really appreciate you sharing your experience, it's so valuable to the rest of us. It's inspiring to hear that you not only do 1/2 an hour of stretch, strength and heel stomps every morning but also walk 3 - 5 miles every day, so I wondered what your morning routine went like if you didn't mind sharing?

I'm 56 and was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2019 following a broken wrist. I also have osteoarthritis, D.D.D. and currently under a rheumatologist for Lyme disease. My back prevents me from doing any strenuous activity so I have to keep it low impact.

I hope you continue with your regime and get the scores you want at your next dexa scan.

Hi Hucknall. I don’t mind sharing at all, I don’t know how good I would be at sharing my routine but I’ll try. I usually get up at 8am. I start by standing on my toes and reaching towards the ceiling, right arm. Left arm for 20. Then standing on your feet bring your arms up in a wide circle over your head while you are breathing in and back down to your side while you are breathing out. Repeat this 10 times. I work my way down my body so I stretch my neck to rt. hold a few seconds. Then front, left then lean my head back. Then rotate my head clockwise for 20 then anti clockwise for 20. Next shoulders, swivel them forward for 20, then back for 20. Then I do snake arms, for 100, (I learnt this from a belly dance teacher years ago😂). Then I swivel my chest area, trying not to move my hips too much, 20 to the right then 20 to the left. Then with left hand on hip, feet apart I reach my right arm over my head while leaning to the left over my left hip. Repeat to the right and hold for a few seconds. Repeat left and right again. Then it’s down to the hips I swivel them clockwise then anti clockwise for 20 each. Then it’s balance exercise so I stand on left foot and rotate my ankle, 20rt then 20lt. Keeping my left foot on the ground I place my right toe as close to my left knee as possible while raising my arms is a circle over my head while breathing in on way up and out on way down for 20. Do the same while standing on right foot. After this I do 50 heel bumps. Then I take up my weights. 5 lb dumbbells. I do 20 bringing them from my side up to my shoulder. Then 20 reaching them up to shoulder first then continue up over your head. Then 20 taking them in a large arc out to the side and meeting over your head and back to the side. Then I do 10 squats. Then I put one weight down and continue with holding the dumbbell with both hands, standing with feet shoulder width apart. Hold weight out in front at arm height and hold for 20. Stretch up over your head and hold for 20. Back down to arm height again. Hold for 20. Lean forward, at right angle , arms holding weight towards the floor, getting good stretch in your back, hold for 20. Reach between your legs and hold for 20 then back to right Angle position then back up straight with arms out straight in front for 20. Repeat 5 times. Then I get down on the floor and do some pelvic floor exercises, then I take a small kettle bell, I sit with my feet crossed, knees slightly bent, I lean back and then bring the kettle bell using both hands over to the right side then left side for the count of 30 take a break, cross my feet the other side and repeat for another 30. Then I finish by getting on my hands and knee and while breathing out stretch your back like a cat up in a high arc and hold a few seconds then breath out while reversing the arc and repeat for 10. I hope you’re not exhausted after reading that. I’ve been doing these exercises most mornings for the last 10 years. I’ve built them up to this adding new ones and changing them around a bit. I don’t know if these are suitable for everyone but they haven’t done me any harm. I have a touch of arthritis especially in the wet weather. I find if I exercise it doesn’t hurt as much as if I’m sitting for too long. If your back is in trouble a lot of these exercises may not be suitable for you. I’m sure you could tailor exercises that you could do though. Balance exercises are very important. Try standing on one leg while you are near the sink or a chair and hold for as long as you can. Heel bumps are great and may be ok for you. Look up YouTube tutorials so you learn to do them properly. Take care and stay safe. X

Thank you so much for this, I do exercises, but I could probably improve what I do. I have copied all of what you put here and saved it. Best to you

I hope I’m not leading you astray but it works for me. Best of luck to you too. We’re all in this together x

The only magnesium my gut could tolerate is the glycinate form. I learned this on Consumer Labs .

KidR in reply to Karenjaninaz

Thank you, I will check it out.

Very helpful, thank you.

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