Disappointing Dexa Results

Having had osteoporosis for many years, my recent scan showed a T score -2.5 in my hip and neck of femur -2.9. Lumber spine was normal. Have just been dx with osteoarthritis in my lower back , have exercises for that. Was aggressively treated with steroid inj for erosive RA 31 years ago and still take steroids 5mg daily with Humira, mtx. Have hashimotoes also, 39 years, take levothyroxine. Took alendronic acid for years was put on prolia for 3 years and stopped them Oct. 2015. Put back on alendronic acid this August. Take 2 calsoes a day and recently bought a k2 supplement I have a hiatus hernia so have ppi's for that. I have B12 ink. Folic acid. My diet is rich in calcium, have a low carb high protein diet the last 3 years, no gluten and low sugar. I am to have a complete review with my rheumy nurse in Jan, for my osteoporosis, a more in depth blood test before I see her. Any suggestions please. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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  • Sounds like you have really been through the mill. I have only one suggestion, which is to look at the source of your high protein diet. Too much animal protein can lead to too much phosphorus in the body, and that leaches calcium from the bones. This is why dairy is not considered the optimum source of calcium. We should be balancing the animal intake with plentiful plant sources, like leafy greens. The K2 supplement should help in time. Also extra calcium often leads to a need for more magnesium so those two important elements don't go out of balance. Usually we get enough magnesium in our diet but if your calcium intake has been very high you could be in need of some magnesium supplementation. You can even absorb magnesium from Epsom salts in the bath!

    All the best.

  • Thanks Heron, I do eat a lot of salads, leafy greens, home made soups, veg stir fries. Also oily fish, chicken and some meat, very simply cooked with herbs and spices. I have herbal teas, actually don't drink milk, but natural yogurts, eggs and butter, olive oil or coconut oil. Yes, I will get some Epsom salts, thx for that suggestion. Have to be careful going in the sun as get small skin cancers. I keep as active as I can, limited as have had triple foot fusions and have a collapsed right ankle, which I manage, can't face another major op. Will keep up the k2 as well. Really appreciate your reply.

  • Sounds like you are on the right track then. There may be some exercises you can do seated which will work to strengthen your spine. Have you checked with a physiotherapist versed in treating osteoporosis patients?

    Of course the steroids don't help. I'm on this forum because of bone thinning apparently exacerbated by prednisone. We can't win, can we!

  • No we can't, it's a balance really, I was always warned prednisone would be the main culprit. Was hoping helping myself with diet etc would have been of more benefit. I do some sitting excersises, as well. I did 4 classes they offered, so keep up with some of those too. Did see a good physio who seemed to understand my problems, I think I need to push myself more. Am waiting to go on a falls clinic class. I used to love walking, still do as much as I can manage. Also like gardening but only a fair weather gardener. When I see the nurse in Jan will see what else they can offer. Thx Heron. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

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