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Second DEXA Scan Results

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In 2018 I had a DEXA scan which showed osteopaenia. NOF was -2, total hip -1.3 and spine -1.9. A few weeks after that scan which, fortunately was done on my left side, I broke my right NOF running a marathon (no fall, classed as a high impact event) and joined this forum. I did leave hospital with Adcal and Alendronic Acid both of which I stopped taking after a very short time as I get enough calcium in my diet and with the Adcal I was overdosing and had a reaction to the AA. So for the last 2 years I have been taking K2, D3, Magnesium, Boron along with weight bearing exercises and plenty of walking.

With my vast experience (not) I feel that DEXA’s should be used as a guide and not taken as gospel as there are many variables that can make a difference. However, I have just had the results of my follow up, done on the same machine, and I have been able to compare visuals, which shows right NOF -2.1, total hip -1.3 and spine -1.7. Hip BMD has dropped by 0.6% and spinal BMD 2.8% increase. So I’m taking this as a keep on keeping on and will have my next scan in 3years.

9 Replies
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It's great you've seen improvement in your LS T-score. Thanks for sharing the news. It's encouraging that exercise and supplements are helping you and I hope that continues. :)

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AnnieW55 in reply to wellness1

Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing your results. I have been taking AA for the past 2 years but plan to come off it at end of this year. I have been following all the good advice given by people on this forum and I have changed up my diet big time. I get a lot of exercise too.

I’m hoping I’m doing enough.

Do you take K2 as a supplement? I’m making and eating fermented foods like Kimchi and drinking kefir and I’m hoping this is enough. Thanks again for posting your positive news.

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AnnieW55 in reply to KidR

Yes I do take K2 as a supplement just to make sure as there are times when my diet isn’t always optimum (it’s hard work). I do take daily home made kefir into which I put turmeric, fresh ground black pepper and ground cumin. I also have daily Greek yoghurt, either Fage Total or using that as a starter for homemade. No low fat products K2 being fat soluble doesn’t, as far as I’m aware, feature in any quantity in low fat - and they don’t taste as good! (IMHO 😋). I occasionally make sauerkraut or buy live kimchi. I also look for cheeses that contain K2 like mature Gouda.

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Thanks for sharing your results, I also broke my NOF and started taking AA, but wasn’t comfortable when I heard of the side effects, so it’s vitamins , healthy food, lots of walking and Pilates, just hope it’s enough! Only time will tell 🤷🏻‍♀️Take care

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AnnieW55 in reply to Deee64

Sounds like you are doing the right things which is all we can do, that and hope for a following wind.

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Well done.x

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what variables make a difference to DEXA scans? I am pretty much new to this and my GP wants me to take AA. I just keep reading absolute horror stories so haven't started it yet!

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Variables relate to follow on Dexa scans. The scans should be done on the same machine wherever possible or at least the same make and model so that like for like comparisons can be made. Correct positioning by the technician is also very important for this. Same side of the body should be scanned too. If the scan is done on a different make or model, the calibration won’t be the same and direct comparisons can’t be made.

A first scan gives the numbers but unless there is a medical or family history that can affect bones this is a base mark as there is no way of knowing how strong your skeleton was at peak growth in your early 30’s.

If you are, as I have heard it termed, snack size i.e. 5’(ish) and below and of low weight, this can affect the numbers as they are geared up to the average population which is somewhat taller and heavier and can give poorer readings. Conversely tall people can have very good readings which aren’t necessarily correct.

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