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MUCUS :Cant breathe with Post nasal drip and blockage in throat

My daughter is really struggling and can't sing properly, because she feels her throats blocked and she's loads of 'gunk'. Her voice coming out squeaky with no power. Had tonsils and adenoids out before Xmas but seems worse now . Trying everything, nasal sprays, antu-inflamatory, antihistamines, sudafed mucus tabs, inhalers, steaming etc. Just bought a nebuliser to try saline breathing. Currently trying lemon and ginger tea, and have bought pineapple juice :-( ...not getting anywhere, she says its still there, and she has an audition next week. Shes gutted to say the least. She playing the role of Dorothy in OZ in June, so she has a good powerful voice usually . Please help !

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I think that given her livelihood depends on her voice, yourdaughter should be going back to her consultant to get it sorted out.


She on the waiting list to go back to ENT to get checked again, but this will take months like last time I'm sure :-/ . Doc keeps giving diff nasal sprays and they give her nose bleeds, so I'm trying to look into natural remedies now . Thanks for your reply


I suggest that she rings the consultant's secretary, explains the situation and asks for a cancellation. The secretaries can be very helpful. It looks as though natural isn't working and in my experience the stuff that GPs give you doesn't do much. The only other suggestion I have comes from the experience of my brother in law. He was suffering for ages like your daughter, tried everything then gave up dairy products entirely and strangely it all stopped. It may be worth a try.


Hi, sorry your daughter is not feeling well.

Has she tried rinsing out her sinuses? You can get a netipot or a bottle with salt solutions to use. It could be worth trying it a few times a day for several days and seeing if it provides some relief, but do check that whatever you use is suitable for your daughters age.

I agree with littlepom, keep following up with the consultant.

Good luck x


So, the sinus irrigation worked well ! Thank you. She is getting some relief from doing this at night :-) On first use, a couple white stringy things came out...Im wondering if it was adenoidal debris from the operation ??!! Think that's what was blocking her nose up completely. Still we have the mucus in the throat, but not so bad, and easier to deal with now that she can breath through her nose !


Great, I'm glad it helped.

Keep us posted on how the ENT goes. x


Also ...along with the nasal irrigation, I bought a portable nebuliser to try, with the saline ampoules . She has said this really helps her too. Getting there, just hope the ENT appointment wait isnt too long :-)


i have copd and get loads of mucas gunk which does clog all your airways up i went on line to find out what i could eat or drink and i have organic dried figs i just eat three every morning and my mucas is so easy to cough up isome also told me to take a antihystermene(hayfever tablet) so i take one of those every day too and its easy to cough up and get rid off and i dont have as mush as i used too hope this helps


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