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Emphysema diagnosed today

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Hi,my mum is 52 and has just been diagnosed with emphysema,to say our world has come crashing down just before Xmas is an understatement. My son is 2 and she adores him,she is my best friend,she was diagnosed years ago with asthma and copd,but over past month has been hospitalised 4 times due to not being able to catch her breath. Even taking a few steps she ended up having an attack,fourth time in hospital they actually run some tests and found out its emphysema. Waiting to hear what stage she is but the way she is its not looking promising. Has anyone else on here been this way but has managed to gain control and live a normal life again. Or is this it for her? I need to know what she's going to have to deal with so I can be there for her the best I possibly can,I don't want to lose my best friend 😪

11 Replies
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Hi Soomy, I’m really sorry to hear about your mum. I don’t know about emphysema but there are some people here who will be able to help I’m sure.

In the mean time, I just wanted to send a hug 🤗 while you are trying to deal with this diagnosis just before Christmas.

Take care!


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Hi when they find out why your mum is struggling so much they will be able to help her. Empacemia is no longer the end of the road with the right care a good diet and plenty of exercise your mum should lead a full and active life. If her exasperations are caused by infection it is a case of finding what kind of infection and getting the right antibiotics. C.O.P.D. is an umbrella term for obstructive lung conditions empacemia comes under this umbrella. Please dont use dr google if you need info ask your dr, or the BLF help line or NHS websites, or on hear. Try not to worry i hope your mum is on the mend soon.

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Hi Soomy so sorry to hear about your Mum and of your great concern. We cannot know the situation with your Mum but the doctors will be able to advise. However speaking from my own experience, I was diagnosed with emphysema in 2004 and still have a reasonable quality of life. Life is never normal but we all make adjustments in order to preserve lung health and quality of life. Avoiding lung infections is one of the main concerns, your Mum probably knows that having already been diagnosed with COPD. COPD is an umbrella term for both Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema, some doctors just say COPD some name the actual lung issue, so it could well be your Mum has been having repeated lung infections which need to be stabilised and controlled, to some extent your Mum will need to take certain steps to try and avoid those in future years. Be present when your Mum chats with her doctors, and ask about the Education Programme - Pulmonary Rehabilitation, that will give her and you (if you attend with her) the information that will help manage her symptoms and help slow down the progress of the disease so that she remains stable and can enjoy a reasonable quality of life.

Best wishes to you and your Mum

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A lot of people here are living with emphysema. I'm sorry to know your mum's had this diagnosis but I'm sure you'll get lots of helpful and uplifting replies to advise and encourage you and your mum. It sounds like maybe she's not getting the right medications or support as she's in the hospital so frequently. Sending lots of good wishes to you and your mum 💐

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Morning Hun, Another Day to Learn more about Emphysema. It is a Horrible Blow for your Mum & You. I have just put a Post up in relation to My Emphysema and what Stage I am at now.

Do not Google Please. She will learn to manage it, as we all do on here with the help & Knowledge from each other. With you as a Strong Caring Daughter you are there to Help & Guide her, so Learn as much as YOU can and Teach her how to get along with COPD. Try and have a Christmas that you as a family would want. Sending Much Love, Come on here whenever Questions pop up. We are All a Great Bunch of Warriors. XXX C.


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I was diagnosed with emphysema and pulmonary aspergillosis back in 2013, I was hospitalised in 2017 with pneumonia and it is the pneumonia that has caused extra scarring in my lungs. My lung function is down to 30% but apart from getting very breathless I’m still managing a reasonable life. I have adjusted to having to use a mobility scooter or walker when going out and accepted I can’t do a lot of the things that I used to. I keep mentally active with crafting, jigsaws and computer games.

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Sorry to hear about your mum’s diagnosis. Now that tests have been done and a diagnosis given. So now you know what you are dealing with . I don’t know about emphysema first hand . I have ILD lung disease. After I got my diagnosis, things slowly got more comfortable. My medication was changed I have had asthma for years😄2 years on life is different. You have to makeadjustments and it’s not easy. It’s hard to accept. This forum is helpful take care of yourselves x

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I was diagnosed in 2016. Please do not think it is the end of the world. Like most you and your Mum will be in shock but there is much your mum can do to help herself. Chest wise I am healthier now than I was 10 years ago. Basically I stopped smoking, started exercising, improved my diet and took medication as prescribed.

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Hello and good morning firstly do not think this as a death sentence as it certainly isn't it. I was first diagnosed at the age of 40 and I am now coming up to my 71st birthday and still enjoying life even though it is somewhat limited. First thing I would advise is to see after Christmas if there is a Pulmonary class in her area which believe me is really well worth attending. It is only twice a week for a few weeks but so worthwhile and will enable her to gain some strength into her lungs so she can walk a bit further for longer. Take what ever medication she is advised to in the way of her inhalers and try to carry on as best she can. Get her to stay positive. She needs to arrange a rescue pack of antibiotics with her GP so she can start to take them at the very first sign of an infection. I wish you both well and try not to worry have a wonderful Christmas. Love Ruth

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Now your mum has a diagnosis I’m sure her doctors will suggest lots of things which will help. I have emphysema and I know it must be a scary time for you and your mum but Pulmonary Rehab, as others have said, will help, as will eating well and getting enough rest. Your mum probably won’t be able to do all the things she used to do but as you all adjust, she’ll find new things she enjoys and although things will change I’m sure you’ll still have lots of fun together with your little boy.

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Emphysema is not the end of the world. I hope all the other people on this site have given you some comfort with their positive attitudes and excellent advice. I don't have emphysema myself, but I found life improved no end after diagnosis, (bronchiectasis) and a suitable regime and medication prescribed. Best wishes for a much better 2021.

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