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Morning Post Nasal Drip ,Excessive Mucus & Coughing

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Is there anyone on prescribed cough medicine for coughing due to morning post nasal drip and excessive mucus?

18 Replies
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Hi, I take avamys steroid nasal spray which has really helped my post nasal drip! It’s really made a huge difference to me…I used to get a really bad post nasal drip which would often go to my chest which caused me severe asthma attacks with 11 day hospital admissions. I take many meds but that’s what’s helped the drip.

I’m guessing the coughing is because of ild ? I don’t know about this but hopefully some will be along soon who can help!

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Dermatray15 in reply to madonbrew

Thanks for replying to the post. I take Flonase nasal spray. I”ll talk to my doctor about it.

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madonbrew in reply to Dermatray15

You’re welcome! I hope you find something that will help soon!

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Cloudancer in reply to madonbrew

Yes also found Avamys nasal spray very helpful

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I've been having the same problems and was just about to post the same thing! My nose is like a water hose the past few days,, and I have done everything, used the flonase, nasacort, bendryl, and nothing has helped at all! Maybe I will try the avamy's and see if it helps.

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I like Avamys too, though it was prescribed for hay fever rather than post nasal drip.

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I am not sure there is a cough medicine for this, I suffered with it for years. I used every nasal spray and cant say any really helped. I think the cough is because the mucus is trapped on the chest. Ventolin helped to loosen this so I could cough it up. The only thing that helped was antihistamine, as this dries the mucus so helps to stop the cough. Hope you find something to help you x

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Trustyourmind in reply to Izb1

Scotch and Soda! LOL!

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I was advised to use Becotide Hay Fever spray for post nasal drip but not permanently as apparently it can damage the nasal passages.

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I suffered from post nasal drip for years. My ENT doctor recommended neilmed nasal rinse. Buy it from chemist or Amazon/eBay. Make your own solution as per nhs website. Last time I saw him he suggested stoping the steroid sprays and using sterimar. Personally I don’t think cough mixture helps.

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two table spoons of honey(it's an antiseptic) a day and it will clear up. good luck I had the same and my troubles stopped regards Tom

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poppyshola in reply to tomhatha

Honey is very good ... also lemon squash and honey in half cupful hot water is good for blocked nose, froggy throat and congested chest ..And I find the good old fashioned over he counter Buttercup syrup is quite powerful too ..

My mum used to make my own special syrup ... rings of onion in a saucer with quite a bit of dark brown sugar on top, top with another saucer and leave overnight ... result was a lovely dark brown syrup to clear the passageways

😆 .... Sometimes she couldn't figure out why she got more syrup than other times...😊 I'd sometimes es get up earlier than everyone else in the house and trial it ... lots 😂

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tomhatha in reply to poppyshola

I used to love winding my family up and see the looks on their faces trying to work out what happened and still do with my wife, she gets annoyed with me ha ha I just keep a straight face and say I don't know how that happened I hope you're feeling better, I believed that laughing and being happy makes people feel better

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poppyshola in reply to tomhatha

Omg don't. I was the worst wind up in my family .. my dad would fall asleep in the chair with his legs over the arm and I would catch whatever I was carrying on the soles of his feet ...he would leap up in the air 🤔 so ticklish and I would was so innocent 😊 I would also hide behind his chair and pull strands of his hair while he was asleep so he would be slapping his head until he got fed up with it

On one occasion my brother and I were allowed to sit in his car while tried to fix it (even though he had no clue on mechanical problems) and when ge got well and truly engrossed I honked the horn causing him to bang his head on the bonnet and laughed my head off .. my brother was pooing himself

Hide his dentures

And that was just my Dad ... poor thing never disciplined us .... he would've cracked up I I done it to someone else


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tomhatha in reply to poppyshola

ha ha looks like we have the same sense of humour keep happy and enjoy life all the best Tom if you want to go to look for Tommy Hathaway and enjoy my songs and guitar music

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Dermatray15 in reply to poppyshola

Thanks for the information. I think I “ll try the Buttercup Syrup.

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I use steroid nasal spray,2 different antihistamines and rinse sinuses out whn v bad.ive chronic rhinosinusitis.

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Dermatray15 in reply to Patk1


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