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Bladder and estrogen


Have a question regarding bladder health. Had a total hysterectomy. Have no ovaries, no uterus, etc. I use the .5 estradiol patch. I am only 44 and was told I need alot more estrogen. My level was 70. I developed a UTI (only the second one in my whole life) and it's taken me months to get rid of it as it embedded into my bladder. I have begun using vaginal estrogen but sometimes it appears to irritate my bladder more. Its a feeling as if it's "waking up" in a sense. Has anyone had this and how long did it take the estrogen to work??

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Hormones will have an effect on most/many things as Testosterone and Estrogen levels effect the muscles and the bladder is after all is a muscle!.

For many thay get drier down below for one as then skin changes as age.

Esp with the menopause changes

Some have had a dose of testosterone which given them a zip as both males and females need Estrogen,Testosterone and Progesterone to live well and each person has/needs different amounts to others because other parts of there body is different.

Much in the same way as a cake all have different ingredients but once baked turn out to be a cake but could be round,square.oblong,multi layered,fruit,sponge and so on

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