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Prolapse Bladder & Vaginal Vault

Prolapse Bladder & Vaginal Vault

I'm 45, I have been diagnosed with Bladder & Vaginal Vault Grade 4. I am waiting for surgery which they will use the Sacral of my spine to tie everything back in place as I had a hysterectomy in 2007 due to Endometriosis. I have 4children, youngest are twins who are now 12 & my older 2 have there own family lives..

I have had time off due to the severe pain underneath.. I am in agony & awaiting to see my consultant again on 6/6/18 I am yet again having to go on the sick with work as my boss just doesn't care.. He promises me that I will be able to sit in the office yet as soon as I'm there I have to run the canteen, stick, till, re stock & clean up then close.. I'm totally shattered & it's getting me so down...

Does anyone here have advice please & have you any of you gone through what I am going through..? Thankyou for reading & any help would be appreciated x

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Hi there Ange22 . I read your post with interest as I also have problems and severe pain down below and currently awaiting an appt with a Consultant etc. All be it mine is not as severe as yours ,I can imagine that working whilst in severe pain,must be excruciating. I'm not 100% sure,but no doubt one of our more learned members will correct me,that your boss has a duty of care to ensure you are safe and capable to do the job you were employed to do. I shall follow your post with interest and as I've said,other members can give you advice and links to follow up on- probably first hand experience too!

Watch this space then and I wish you well in your future medical treatments.


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