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Second Post-Bypass Review – Getting There Slowly

So yesterday I went for my second review and to pick up the results of a host of blood tests a week ago.

Again the (new to the practice) GP was very through checking BP, weight, pulse and oedema. It was felt that the oedema had cleared (post-op electrolyte imbalance) and that I could now drop the Frusemide. I then mentioned my severe tiredness and my heat-related hypotension theory. It was felt that this should not be an issue as my BP was similar to the last visit (but yesterday morning was about 10C cooler than the days before!). However, there were issues with the blood tests. My iron levels were in the anaemic range and the liver function (LFT) out of range. The former will be rerun in two weeks as I may still be in recovery mode (I had a transfusion during surgery and this is apparently not done if avoidable). If not in range iron tablets will be considered. The LFT will also be repeated the statin treatment reviewed (it was increased by a factor of four after surgery).

Fortunately, everything else (kidney function, U&Es, HbA1c, cholesterol) was all fine. So progressing but slowly!

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Good to hear, progressing along! Keep up the good work🌟


Stay strong Michael and hope you keep improving. Take care. Zena


Your LFTs might be ok on a different statin. Atorvastatin put mine up, but I'm ok on simvastatin.

Being anaemic can make you feel grim - lean (obviously) red meat plus citrus, black grapes, wholemeal bread etc are all much more pleasant than iron tablets.


I was fine on lower dose of Atorvastatin whereas Simvastatin gave me unacceptable muscle pain. Had liver yesterday (ince a fortnight deemed OK), broccoli tonight and spinach tomorrow. Seems like there is a link to heart surgery - friend's wife is anemic post triple valve surgery. Might pop up a poll in the morning.

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Pleased to hear you’re getting there slowly, I am the same as you as I also had an electrolyte imbalance so severe due to a critical potassium level of 2.4 that I collapsed about 12 days after discharge post triple bypass. I was rushed via ambulance to our local hospital where my family were told I might not make it! Obviously I did & was discharged after 2 weeks with a lot of new medication including vitamin supplements, calcium supplements, magnesium supplements. My potassium level is now normal but my magnesium is not so I still have to have a supplement & blood tests every 2 weeks.

I came home very weak & only able to walk with a walking stick, so I have been walking every day, last Saturday I managed 3 miles so I am improving. I have now been assessed for rehab & have an exercise stress test on the 24 th of this month.

I had my bypass op on 18th April so the problems with the electrolytes has delayed my recovery.

Onwards & Upwards for us both!



So good to see you on the mend Michael. I had my bypass on 16th March and have had recent bloods that suggest my statin can stay at 20mg. When I was in ICU my blood sugar levels increased and I had to be given insulin, which was strange as my sugars were find in January. I guess what it means is that people recover at different levels as the surgery can have different impacts on different people. I consider myself very lucky to be so well from what you and others have said and I hope it continues. Just started Phase 4 of rehab which is more physical but well worth it. Take care xx


Good to hear that your recovery is now tangeable which bodes well for the future. It takes a while to gather pace but at post-op week twelve I am happy to say that strength, stamina and recovery rates are increasing at a satisfying rate so it's payback for the daily walking and after week seven, cycling that I've put in. Just hang on in there Michael, pay your regular exercise dues, and I'm confident it will come good for you too. May your recovery continue.


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