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First GP Review – Post Bypass

When I was discharged I was told to book appointments with the nurse to remove the stitches and with my GP to review my medication. Ideally these could be consecutive appointments. The chances of doing this at my practice are around nil and I had the stitches removed a few days ago – all healing nicely.

In the timescales I was unable to get an appointment with my GP so accepted one with one of the practice’s newer GPs. To be honest I was impressed. Everything was checked from my weight thro BP (111/57) and pulse (63) to the still slight oedema. Because of the large changes in my medication and because I had had the huge weight gain and electrolyte imbalance they decided to run a set of blood tests including liver function, kidney function and U&Es. I am doing this at the end of the week with another review 10 days on.

Overall it was all very positive. I was assured that there was nothing untoward about my ongoing tiredness at this stage particularly as I had been in theatre for over eight hours!

It was the most positive part of yesterday as otherwise the heat affected me (posted separately) and I got a dose of unrelated stress in the evening. It was not something I felt with dealing with for a few weeks and in reality, does not need doing so!

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Glad you're doing well it - it's always good to encourage us at the pre-op stage.

We have a lot of trainee GPs at our practise and they are really good and thorough - sometimes we even get 20 minute appointments with them! Hopeless if you need continuity of care but....

As for your stress, after my husband's triple CABG last year, I have completely changed my perspective on life - so most things are 'trivial'. I guess you feel the same?


Sounds like a comprehensive assessment which is great. Good to hear you are doing well. Yes stress needs to be kept under control and reduced to a minimum. Take care. Zena


Hi Michael have you seen your consultant yet post op? I've been discharged by the hospital too after seeing them. I must admit I had to chase the appointment but glad I did. It was about 6 weeks post op. Have you also signed up for cardio rehab? Again I had to chase and have completed my 6 weeks free sessions and about to start phase 4 where they charge £3 per session (well worth it). It was good to see others in my position and chat to cardiac nurses about issues. Good luck and I have found every week I am stronger, I am sure you will too.


At the moment I am only coming up to three weeks post-op. I was told I would get a six-week follow up and if all was well be discharged back into the care of my local hospital - where I would do the rehab. Heard nothing as yet so might chase in a few days. Currently feel I am making little progress as the heat is getting to me!

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Looks like you are doing all the right things. I don't appear to be suffering too much with the heat. I have found that this week I have been able to walk more comfortably for the first time and not stop going up hill. I think its all getting better, but we all recover in different ways and find ways to cope, a little progress is very good indeed. Time, as they say, is a great healer. Best of luck x


Good that your post-op experience is good and the blood work is thorough.

It was at week seven at my first cardio rehab meeting that blood tests were ordered, yet ten days on,my GP only decided to chase at my insistence. My 4hr surgery seems minor in comparison with the majority of forum members so maybe I have benefitted from a relatively swift recovery - 5 mile walks and cycling, albeit within the prescribed range of 85-105 bpm - now the order of the day and even hit a few tennis balls but advice is to not play until week twelve. The recommended 5 x 30 min weekly exercise sessions are thankfully easy for me. I do have down days but the current good weather and lack of any real pressure in my life, make these easy to cope with. I'm even experiencing at week 9, something I can only describe as "normal" but infrequent and fleeting. For me it was only at week three that I felt there may possibly be some healing progress, but very little energy available for anything.

My point is, there is hope but progress is incremental and slow but you will soon arrive at a better place. Good luck with your continuing recovery, Michael.


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